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Chapter 11
Experiments and Test Markets

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which term below refers to a study involving the manipulation of one or more variables to determine the effect on another variable?
A) ex post facto
B) experiment
C) monitoring study
D) communication study
E) descriptive study
Answer: B Level: easy

2. Which variable in an experiment is manipulated by the researcher?
A) dependent variable
B) extraneous variable
C) moderating variable
D) independent variable
E) mediating variable
Answer: D Level: moderate

3. Which variable in an experiment is the variable expected to be affected by the manipulation?
A) dependent variable
B) extraneous variable
C) moderating variable
D) independent variable
E) mediating variable
Answer: A Level: easy

4. All of the following are terms used to refer to an independent variable except _____.
A) predictor
B) explanatory
C) criterion
D) all of the above refer to an independent variable
E) none of the above refer to an independent variable
Answer: C Level: easy

Use the following to answer questions 5-9:

In the study of bystanders and thieves presented in the text, participants are invited to a store where they see someone steal the purse of another customer. The accosted shopper and the thief are really acting their parts to set the stage for the experiment. Participants view the robbery alone or with another participant. The study sought to determine whether participants were more likely to report a robbery when they observe it alone or in the company of another person.

5. In the bystanders and thieves study, what is the independent variable?
A) the store environment
B) exposure to a robbery
C) state of being alone or with another person
D) act of reporting the robbery or not
E) reaction of the accosted shopper following…...

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