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In the past few years, Nike has been taking steps to personalize its products and offer customers innovative exercise tools. While they still manufacture and sell high quality products in their footwear and apparel, their recent transformation into developing products such as the Nike+Fuelband has proved why Nike is the global leader in their industry. Nike’s Fuelband, which was released last January, is leading the way for the new branding initiative at the company.
In regards to FuelBand, Nike is targeting anyone who wants to track their daily physical activity. In order to widen their target market, the simple use of the FueldBand targets both competitive and non-competitive athletes. Despite the fact that the FuelBand is better suited for teens and above because it requires the costumer to be able to use and understand the technology involved with the band, it truly could be used by all ages. Even though Nike’s main focus is on the beginner and casual runner, the Nike+FuelBand tracks dozens of everyday actions such as walking, running, dancing, and basketball (NikePlus). For instance if you wanted to measure how much fuel you used brushing your teeth compared to brushing your hair, the Nike Fuel Band would be able to tell you (Caleekal). In all, Nike believes that a any costumer that buys this product will have the opportunity to become healthier or better at his or her desired sport.
Moreover, the FuelBand targets those who have always wondered and wanted to measure their physical activity throughout the day including time, calories, steps, and their overall progress. Consequently, it offers results, achievements, ways to improve, and advice on beneficial eating habits and behavior that the costumer should consider. Another interesting and unique part of the Nike+FuledBand is that the results and statistics the athlete receives can be shared and compared with…...

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