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Week 7

This week we will be learning about Managing Your Weight.
Read Chapter 7.
Click on the PowerPoints tab to find the Chapter 7 PowerPoint (no audio).
Click on the Quizzes tab and take the Chapter 7 quiz. This quiz is 5 multiple choice questions (from the textbook and power point) and is worth 5 points. You have 3 attempts at this quiz and it is not timed. The last attempt will be recorded in the grade book. The due date for the quiz is Monday, MARCH 17 (because of Spring Break!!) at 11:59pm. You may use your textbook and notes for the quiz but do not talk to anyone about the questions or answers.
Optional—click on the Videos tab to find the video, Nutrition and Weight Management.
Study the Chapters 1-7 Review PowerPoint.
View the video on Academic Integrity found on the Course Welcome page. This video does not discuss online courses but the message is the same in both face-to-face and online courses.
EXAM 1 will be available on Friday, March 7, at 6:00 am and will close on Monday, March 17, at 11:59pm. The exam will cover Chapters 1-7 and will consist of 50 multiple choice questions. You can use your book and your notes. Complete the exam on your own (Do NOT talk to anyone about the questions/answers). You have 1 attempt to complete the exam so once you start, you must finish. (DO NOT open the exam until you are ready to complete it because by opening it, it will count as your 1 attempt.) Once you start, keep working so you are not timed out of Blackboard. Do not hit the FINISH button until you have answered all 50 questions. You have 75 minutes to complete the exam.

Looking ahead to 2 weeks from now (after Spring Break):
We will be having a discussion on Lifetime Activities during the week of March 17. For those of you who like to work ahead, the assignment will soon be posted under Syllabus and Documents.
The Health…...

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