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AT&T Corporation

AT&T AT&T is one of the most popular companies that provide variety of services; voice, data, and communications and is the largest provider for mobile telephony and fixed telephony. There is a main server called the proxy server which AT&T uses, which acts as a server and a client in making request on behalf of other clients, it can provide routing and can enforce policy. The proxy server is an application layer service that routes SIP request and replies; it hides the identities of endpoint and it may be redundant because its functions overlap with those of the firewall proxy service. Proxy servers are rarely implemented in SIP networks because of the cost, delay, delay variation, and complexity they add to the service. The next server would be a redirect server; which makes mobile and nomadic users reachable as well as users who have new phone numbers it is a part of the availability service as well as geographic location services provided by the location server. The type of switches this company uses is the Cisco switches they are used to create a network by connecting and controlling all of your organizations computers, printers, and servers and it can also increase efficiency, productivity, and allow your devices to talk to one another through information sharing and resource allocation.
Cisco offers two types of network switches: * Cisco unmanaged switches, which are found in home networks work right out of the box and are not designed to be configured but, they have less capacity than managed switches. * Cisco managed switches are great for small business uses and they are configurable which allows them to offer much greater flexibility and networking capacity. * Cisco managed switches can be monitored and adjusted either on-site or remotely. * All Cisco switches offer high-performance, reliability, and security no…...

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