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Fall 2006, Syracuse University

Lecture Notes for CIS/CSE 758: Internet Security

Routing Protocols
(1) Introduction

 Static routing versus dynamic routing  Static routing  Fixes routes at boot time  Useful only for simplest cases  Dynamic routing  Table initialized at boot time  Values inserted/updated by protocols that propagate route information  Necessary in large internets  Routing with partial information  The routing table in a given router contains partial information about possible destinations  For the unknown destinations, forward them to the default router.  Potential problem: some destinations might be unreachable.  Original Internet and the problem if the core routers are allowed to have default routes.

 Core routing architecture with single backbone.  Assumes a centralized set of routers that know all possible destinations in an internet.  Non-core routers use the core routers as their default routers.  Work best for internets that have a single, centrally managed backbone.  Inappropriate for multiple backbones.  Disadvantage  Central bottleneck for all traffic  Not every site could have a core router connected to the backbone: how do they get routing information?  No shortcut route possible: non-core routers always forward their traffic to the default routers even though another core router provides a better route. This is because the noncore routers do not know which one is better without full knowledge of all possible destinations.  Does not scale, because core routers must interact with each other.

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Fall 2006, Syracuse University

Lecture Notes for CIS/CSE 758: Internet Security

 Multiple backbones  At beginning, NSFNET attached to the ARPANET backbone through a single router in Pittsburgh, routing is easy: routers inside NSFNET send all…...

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