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Week Four- Netiquette Article Response Technology has evolved at lighting speed in the last 20 years. Companies have moved past sending manila interoffice mail envelopes to using company designed electronic mail systems to communicate with its employees. Additionally, the invention of smart phones allow us to have the internet at our fingertips. More and more universities offer online classes for distance learners. In the healthcare industry, many hospitals are using paperless charting systems to chart on patient records and doctor offices are also using paperless patient record systems as well. Also, many companies have developed their own intranet pages for employee use within their organizations. Since companies are capitalizing on the technological advancements, they also must be educated on the proper way to use these tools effectively. Netiquette is the term used describe the proper and polite way to behave while using an electronic device or engaging in communication or activities online (Brusco, 2011). Netiquette outlines rules that help people who use the internet and other technology, such as electronic mail delivery systems. Netiquette is not only confined to using emails. Netiquette also carries over into how we use our cell phones in public as well. Some of the ways suggested are being mindful of businesses that discourage cell phone usage while providing a service and monitoring the volume during phone calls (Brusco, 2011). The articles this week reflect a variety of ways that netiquette can influence our business relationships. Because much of our social and business interactions occur on the information highway, it is important that we learn how to properly conduct ourselves.
One of the most common communication tool used in business and social circles are emails. Emails are used in the business environments as communicative tools for…...

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...Cyber bullying is a serious issue in today’s schools and business. If everyone adopted and educated people on netiquette guidelines, would this issue be solved? Explain. I believe that netiquette guidelines should be more practiced now than before. With many young people on the Internet, it is strongly advised to parents to monitor what, when, and why they are on the Internet. As stated, “There also have been sensational stories about teens committing suicide as a result of "cyber bullying" taking place on social networks”. (Bowles M. D. (2010) I can strongly relate to this statement because of my teenage daughter who is constantly on the Internet. With her being both a victim and an instigator of cyber bullying, I (as a parent) became quickly involved and reached out to her school officials and other parents to become aware and be educated on cyber bullying. I feel that if that all schools educated their students about netiquette guidelines, then there may be less incidents of cyber bullying. As for business, employers should uphold netiquette guidelines, in order for the workplace to be productive and safe. It can be incriminating to have a cyber bully harass anyone at the workplace. I think that cyber bullying can be solved if most people are willing to be educators and create awareness of netiquette guidelines in schools and business. If I post a poem on my Facebook site and someone cuts and pastes it on their site, is that a case for stealing my......

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...such interactions are transitory. In contrast, mediated communication is typically archived in some way. This can be an advantage for small groups because group members can easily access past discussions. This can be a disadvantage if group members prefer to forget some of their remarks or if people outside the group access information that was supposed to be restricted to the group. Mediated Communication is a Tool: Using new communication technologies such as listservs, videoconferencing, discussion boards, and email will not solve a group's problems. These technologies are simply tools that group members can use to communicate with each other and those outside the group. Netiquette It's likely that Internet tools will provide most of the mediated communication in which your group engages. Netiquette refers to etiquette on the Internet. The guidelines below generally apply to email, listservs, chat rooms, and discussion boards. 1. Read messages carefully to make sure that you understand them. 2. Carefully read what you send in order to reduce misunderstandings 3. Label humor or sarcasm clearly. One method for this is using emoticons, such as 8) ;-) :-) 4. Know your audience. Make sure that the people to whom you are sending your message are members of your intended audience. 5. Be patient with people new to listservs, discussion boards, email, and other communication technologies. 6. Keep messages as straight-forward and concise as possible.......

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...need to log on. The disadvantage to this type of learning is that you need to be a self starter and there is no real time communication. If you have a question you need to ask the instructor, you cannot contact them immediately, you will have to send an email and await a response. * Cyber bullying is a serious issue in today’s schools and business. If everyone adopted and educated people on netiquette guidelines would this issue be solved? Explain. Cyber bullying is in fact a very serious issue in today’s schools. Way to often I am seeing on the news a story of a person or student committing suicide because of cyber bullying from other students or co workers at their school or place of work. I believe that although some of these issues would be solved if everyone adopted and educated people on netiquette guidelines, not all these issues would be solved. I think that our society has become so concerned on what people think about them, or if the cool crowd will like them, that it intensifies the actions when cyber bullied. I think that if on top of educating and adopting netiquette guidelines, we teach our youth that although hurtful these statements do not make you who we are, and that you can rise above these bullies it will give them a better self worth....

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...presentable and netiquette should be simple and clear. Having a business casual dress code means that your clothes is to be ironed, and neat and take a good care of your hygiene. If a male was to dress for and interview his attire should require Khakis, or dress slacks, button down shirt, and dress shoes. As for females attire should consist of Khakis, or dress slacks, skirts, blouses, and a dress that is appropriate for a job interview. Female should also wear sensible shoes that are comfortable in to wear all day. Corporate casual wear consists of slacks (other than jeans). As for men they can wear casual chino pants, polo shirt, dress sandals, and a jacket. For women a sweater, dresses, blazers, and skirts. The four points to attire and business etiquette is punctuality, attire, table manners, and netiquette. For starters punctuality is a way to show courtesy and respect for others. Being tardy for work will lead to stress on yourself and the waiting party that are counting on you to be on time. Your attire is always about looking the part for the position you are applying for. But coming into an interview business casual attire would be the best route to go. Especially if you are going into an interview for a manager position. When having a business meeting over lunch or dinner with a potential boss table manners are defiantly a most. When having deceit table manners will open the door for the future. You will look sophisticated and might be invited again.......

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