My Strength and Weakness in Learning English

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My Strengths and Weaknesses in Learning English
In all levels of education, the quality of every learner’s grasp and understanding always varies since each student obtains knowledge from their educators in different ways. Additionally, it also reflects that students will have dissimilar strengths and weaknesses which can actually be seen through their study while they are all together learning in the same class. From what I have remarkably noticed since the start of learning English, I constantly find myself having many strengths and weaknesses listed below.
To begin with, grammar is my goodness in learning English. I can analyze and catch up the grammatical structures, tenses, and usages sharply and clearly whenever teachers or lecturers have explained them to me. Also, I rarely make any mistakes in grammar exercises since I am quite careful and thoughtful when building sentences or choosing the right answers. Moreover, good time-management is my another best virtue in studying English. I can separate between my study time and pleasure time distinguishably. Furthermore, I usually sort out a study-calendar, which enables me to submit every homework and assignment to teachers or lecturers on time. To sum up, grammar and good time-planning are my strengths in learning English.
Besides, listening is my feebleness in studying English. I am not able to understand the whole conversation well once the native speakers speak very fast. Also, I never get good scores in listening test since I don’t get used to the foreigners’ voice and pronunciation. What’s more, communication is also my imperfection in learning English. I lack self-confidence and become nervous when I talk to others and give presentation in front of many pairs of eyes. I normally feel as though everyone was looking at me rather than listening to my speech. In short, listening and communication are my…...

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