My State Demands

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My State Demands
Dena Martin
Rasmussen College

Author Note This paper is being submitted on July 13, 2014, for Dena Martin’s B234 Business Law course.

My State Demands The type of business that I chose is a service business of opening a local bar. I began my research by looking at what I need to do locally first. In Winnebago County you need to call to make an appointment with the local office of the County Clerk. When you have your appointment they want you to have a copy of your lease, a copy of your insurance policy, drawing of your site, complete list of all employees, fingerprints of all owners, know what type of ownership and the fee for the license. You fill out the application and pay your fee which for this type of license it is $1400.00 then your application goes before the hearing board to be heard, which they recommend that you have an attorney with you for this hearing. Depending on what is already on the docket it may take up till a month before you get to go for your hearing and from there it is usually a couple of weeks before you hear from them. In the state of Illinois there are a lot of steps that you have to take. First step is to go the state of Illinois government site and read what all you need to do first. The first step is to make sure you have everything taken care of with the county the business will be in. Second step is to print out the application for your business and fill it out and return it with the filing fee of $500.00. Register the name of the business with your county before you send in the application to the state. Also you have to go to the site of IDOR Illinois Department of Revenue and fill out the forms of Reg 1 and Schedule Reg 1-A, this is so they know you are business and they will receiving income reports from your business. On the site it tells you this will take at least 6-8 weeks to hear…...

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