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Budget Journal
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Budget Journal
1. As you reflect back on this budgeting assignment, what are the most personally important facts or concepts you learned?
I learned that if you take more units, a full-time student, you will be able to save more. You can have lower student loans and be able to finish much faster. As a student, we need to consider and take full advantage of the grants and scholarships that is eligible and available to us. This helps towards our goal in paying off our student loans.
2. How does what you learned or realized relate to or impact your personal, educational, and career goals?
What I learned and realized that education is important. We can’t avoid not having student loans ,but we can try to use as much as grants and scholarship as we can. We also need to keep in mind that we need to learn how to budget ourselves because we don’t want to end up paying high amount of payment every month. We need to save up and use our money wisely for necessities and not material things. When we finish school, we can then apply for jobs that is well in pay and can afford our everyday living.
3. Do you feel prepared to enter student loan repayment and understand how to get started? So far, I’ve been saving up money and putting aside extra income I receive from my paycheck. This also includes any refund I receive from my school and will use it to repay for my student loans. I am aware of how much interest there is to pay for my student loans and I know that I can begin repaying after 6 months I graduate, which is fair enough for me to find a job and get paid enough to pay for my student loan.
4. What money-related questions do you still have? How will you get the answers you need? So far, I don’t have money-related questions but I do know that I can reach and contact my financial advisor for any financial matters regarding my…...

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