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The medication I picked for this week discussion is Motrin. This is one of the most commend medication you purchase in your life time. The generic name for Motrin is Ibuprofen, it also carry other brand name like Advil, Cedaprin, Midol just to name a few. The CAS number for Ibuprofen is 15687-27-1 (Chemical, 2008). The mainly used of this medication is to treat minor pain including headaches, toothache, arthritis, cold/flu, migraine or menstrual cramps. It is also can be used for fever.
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There are actually two functional groups in Ibuprofen. Carboxylic acid is the first functional groups and an aromatic ring (image of Benzene). The way Ibuprofen work in the body is with the enzyme called cyclooxygenase which prevent a compound called arachidonic acid to turn into prostaglandins. One of the actions prostaglandins cause is inflammation (Jones & Lewis, 2010). That is why when we look at Ibuprofen, it is described as an anti-inflammatory medication. What this means is it help reduce the swelling to relief pain and help reduce fever. The small side effect most of us done know is Ibeprofen have an anti-platelet effect which is a COX inhibitor that prevent the production of TxA2. According to an article from, there are six natural alternatives to ibuprofen. They are Bosellia, Capsaicin, Cat’s claw, Curcumin, Omega-3 fatty acids, and White willow bark. All of these usually contain little or no side effects comparing to ibuprofen. Each have they own ways to relief pain or swelling. However, some of these can take weeks until you see results (Mitchell, 2009). When it comes down choice what to use, I think I would pick FDA approved…...

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