Moral Issues in "A Time to Kill"

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Moral Issues in Film: A Time to Kill
Jamienail Wood
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HUMN 330
Professor Cheryl McKinley
February 15, 2015
A Time to Kill PART A
The film “A Time to Kill” was released in 1996. The story is very intriguing and well-written. The movie is about racial inequality. Two white men, Billy and James, approached a 10 year old black girl named Tonya from the street, raped and nearly murdered her. Tonya’s family and community was devastated, especially her father, Carl Hailey (played by actor Samuel Jackson). Carl inquired about the case with a white local town lawyer, Jake Brigance (played by actor Matthew McConaughey). Brigance spoke of the possibility that Billy and James might walk free.
Before Billy and James even had the chance to step into the court room, Carl open fired at the both of them and accidentally injuring the security escort. Carl fled the scene but was eventually arrested as there were many witnesses to the event. Brigance agreed to act as Carl’s defense attorney in the murder trial.
While the trial progresses, many other characters make their appearance and the story continued to develop. District attorney Rufus Buckley (played by actor Kevin Spacey) represented Billy and James. The case was such a big deal that it captured the media’s attention. Ellen Roark (played by Sandra Bullock), a law student from Massachusetts traveled to town to offer Brigance her service for the trial. Freddie, Billy’s brother led the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) in the area and conducted threats throughout the town. Anyone helping Carl’s case, to include their family members were approached, from leaving burning crosses outside their lawn to physically harming them. With Brigance effective strategy of painting the jury a picture of a 10 year old white girl being raped, Carl was found “not guilty”.

The film “A Time to Kill”…...

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