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Retail Store Paper
July 01, 2013

Retail Store Paper
Marketing and branding are critical success factors for most companies. Although most people associate branding with retail products sold directly to consumers it is also very important to any subgroups, resellers or distributors that could sustain a loss in profits and reputation if the brand gains a negative image. In order for a business to be successful it must ensure that it is reaching the right audience and that the audience visiting the store perceives the products and information that the store is offering in a way that will turn eyeballs into sales (Bronnenberg & Mela, 2004). Staples is a good example for observation to determine what the office supply store does to convey their message to the right demographic and what adjustments could support futuristic goals for more excellent outcomes. Staples grasp on marketing and branding has helped the supply store gain the sustainable success presently held and will help the company to expand. So, this will only work if the company can focus on the changing atmosphere for business professionals and the consumers who frequently visit the location. All aspects of business are important when working to reach a certain demographic and when trying to convey a certain message to a desired audience. The wrong use of lighting, space, displays, etc. can contribute to visitors choosing not to purchase specific items from the retailer or return for additional shopping experiences with the store. As a company grows, it becomes increasingly important to focus on all of these areas. In fact, in order for a company to grow it must have a major focus on the branding and marketing techniques found most useful to business services. For example, Staples choice of lighting and use of bright iridescent lights…...

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