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An Effective Training Evaluation Plan
You have just learned that your company is looking for ways to cut back expenses. One of the cost cutting measures being considered is to terminate the training department, as the company considers this an expense and they do not believe training is contributing to the profitability of the company. As the head of the training department, it is your job to defend the value of the department. You realize that well trained employees perform their jobs more efficiently and consequently can contribute to higher productivity and profits for the company. One way to show the value of training is to have tools that will allow a manager to track the performance of an employee both before and after they have received training. o Increasing the level of transfer of knowledge (knowledge retention) o Monitoring the effectiveness of the skill performance in the job performance improvement o Include common attributes in your evaluation tool, which could be applicable to most employees at the organization such as employees showing concern for saving the company money or consistently turning in error free work. Your training tool should contain a minimum of 10 evaluation criteria. The report should be 5-7 pages in length and include: • Executive Summary highlighting all the factors in the scenario. • Justification of the importance of retaining the training department in the company and explanation of how the training department is important to the overall success of the company. • Training Evaluation Tool to evaluate knowledge retention and job performance improvement (10 criteria minimum). • Explanation of how the evaluation tool will be implemented. • Describe how the evaluation tool will help evaluate the level of transfer of knowledge and skill performance for current training…...

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