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Prof. Mitchell Jackson

There are two kinds of people who cry at your death, people who hated you and people who loved you. If you ask me…well sometimes through life experience we figure it out June 25th, 2009 a very hot day as the summer was trickling in. The sky was clear, the wind was blowing just enough to cool you down it was a quiet peaceful afternoon. Not a single soul outdoors I was walking home from school, and as I reached my apartment I went to my room enveloped in MJ posters. I quickly turned on the television to flip from channel to channel and nothing captured my attention except for one thing. I stopped at the news channel because I heard the strangest thing. “Michael Jackson was found dead this morning it seems to have been from an overdose of drugs”…What! I couldn’t believe it, MJ was gone, and at that moment I didn’t want to believe any of it. I didn’t want to accept the erratic news of Michael Jackson’s death. I was so astonished my mouth opened, my lips almost touching the floor. I couldn’t fathom the truth of MJ’S death. I began to look around he room at all of the posters. I turned over to the news only to hear the details of his death I heard, “Michael was found dead in his rented home in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, as he was preparing for a series of comeback music concerts at London’s o2 Arena. The cause of death was an overdose of the drugs propofol and benzodiazepine”. In the mist of all the confusion it was 8:00pm and it was time tot go to bed. I got ready for bed, but as I did many thoughts floated in my head like, “he faked his death”, or “MJ didn’t take drugs”. Many words to describe the moment were floating around in my head and I couldn’t grasp a hold of just one to…...

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