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Essay Question One The beliefs about death had evolved greatly over the periods of time. Whether it may have been the First humans, the Sumerians, the Ancient Americans, Jewish, Christian, or any religion in between, each era was a bit different. The comparison and contrast to one another have different aspects to how they perceive the afterlife or what happens before and after death. As time passed, many different religious faiths existed. How each transpired was solely based on the era. In ancient times, there were a variety of religious faiths in existence. However, there were three that stood out from the rest. The first was the Mesopotamian faith (early ancient times), which was of great importance within Mesopotamian culture. For Mesopotamians, the gods were living realities who affected all aspects of life. The center of each Mesopotamian community was the temple complex, which consisted of ziggurat with a temple at the top. It was here that the main god or goddess, in the form of a statue, resided. It would be here that all religious ceremonies took place. This temple complex would dominate both individual and commercial life, thus demonstrating the close relationship between religion and culture within Mesopotamia and the belief that there was an afterlife of immortality. The second was the Egyptian faith. Like the Mesopotamians, the Egyptians held their faith in high regard. They had a vast number of gods, all of which were associated with heavenly bodies and natural forces’. However, there was one period in Egyptian history that only one god was worshiped. It lasted only until the death of the pharaoh who implemented it. Aside from the worshipping of the gods, his great focus in Egyptian faith seemed to be preparation for the afterlife. A great deal of time and energy was invested in creating burial chambers particularly among the…...

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