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Mental Models

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Assessment 1 | Mental Models

Can your mental models about your world both assist and limit your perceptions when you meet a person for the first time?

(Senge, 2006) advocates the notion that mental models are the images, assumptions and stories which we carry in our minds of ourselves other people, institutions and every aspect of the world. I believe this to be a true statement when it comes to way in which we interact and reciprocate with a person we have met for the first time. It is the ideas we form consciously or unconsciously from our own experiences and which either lead or limit our activities and thoughts through various channels. Our world is so complex that when we meet a new person for the first time our initially inclined to try and make sense of who the new person actually is. All representations of what I perceive to be reality explain the cause and effects, of my understanding in its entirety of my expectations with regard to certain things which produce meaningful events, whilst allowing me to behave in certain ways.

Mental models profoundly influence our lives on an individual level like a coloured lense becoming more saturated overtime (Senge, 2006), I think this statement is definitely advocated through the notion of perception in its simplest definition being a process allowing us to experience the world around us (Cherry, 2014). People are probably the most important feature in the world around me; my perceptions are something that is shaped by many factors ultimately affecting my thought processes. I believe my inability to understand a person is as a result of a block in my mental model therefore limiting my perception and prevention of new knowledge.

Like all models, mental models are abstractions of reality. No matter how well constructed, all models are wrong in some context or time, this probes me to reflect on the way in…...

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