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Dwayne Bell
General Manager the Inn Restaurant
1 Country Inn Road
Upscale, Az.85251

August 10, 2010

Mr. R. Shaky
Owner the Inn Restaurant
1 Country Inn Road
Upscale, Az.85251

Dear Mr. Shaky:
It has been a month since I was hired as GM of the Inn Restaurant. I am settling in well and look forward to a long prosperous relationship. I would like to take this opportunity to discuss with you some items of concern regarding the condition of the building. During this site inspection the following things caught my attention. * Old trees have grown so that their branches could become entangled in the power lines connected to the restaurant * Many of the windows have gaps possibly from the building settling * Water is not properly drained from the building. * Spider web pattern of cracks forming on the foundation. * The roof has tar paper that is pulled up in one section along with bird nests and tree branches. * There are also charred markings around the exhaust vent of the hood system.
These are all potentially hazardous situations for our guest and staff. If we do not take action to fix these issues it will not only affect our bottom line but our ability to stay in business at all in this facility.
The trees pose several problems. With the branches being so close to the power lines could potentially cause a fire if wind gust cause them to snap and clog up or wear down the gutter system. The roots could be clogging drains underground which could lead to expensive plumbing cost. The windows that have gaps in them are a major cause of our high energy cost. Water puddles up around the foundation because the current landscaping does not allow for the water to drain away from the building. On the roof the section with the pulled up tar exposes the inside of the building to the elements which can cause structural damage and affect heating…...

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