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Lab – Converting IPv4 Addresses to Binary
Part 1: Convert IPv4 Addresses from Dotted Decimal to Binary
Part 2: Use Bitwise ANDing Operation to Determine Network Addresses
Part 3: Apply Network Address Calculations
Background / Scenario
Every IPv4 address is comprised of two parts: a network portion and a host portion. The network portion of an address is the same for all devices that reside in the same network. The host portion identifies a specific host within a given network. The subnet mask is used to determine the network portion of an IP address. Devices on the same network can communicate directly; devices on different networks require an intermediary Layer 3 device, such as a router, to communicate.
To understand the operation of devices on a network, we need to look at addresses the way devices do—in binary notation. To do this, we must convert the dotted decimal form of an IP address and its subnet mask to binary notation. After this has been done, we can use the bitwise ANDing operation to determine the network address.
This lab provides instructions on how to determine the network and host portion of IP addresses by converting addresses and subnet masks from dotted decimal to binary, and then using the bitwise ANDing operation. You will then apply this information to identify addresses in the network.
Convert IPv4 Addresses from Dotted Decimal to Binary
In Part 1, you will convert decimal numbers to their binary equivalent. After you have mastered this activity, you will convert IPv4 addresses and subnet masks from dotted decimal to their binary form.
Convert decimal numbers to their binary equivalent.
Fill in the following table by converting the decimal number to an 8-bit binary number. The first number has been completed for your reference. Recall that the eight binary bit values in an octet are based on the powers of 2, and from…...

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