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SPRING 2013 performance sport booster car seat by

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Product and Company Background
Company Background Recaro has over 100 years of history designing seats for the world's most prestigious automobiles, airlines, and race cars. Recaro is German engineered, and an international leader in seating safety, design, comfort and style. Recaro is the pioneer of child seat side impact technology, going beyond any side impact requirements as tested with the ADAC European standard.
Founded in 1906 by Wilhelm Reutter as Reutter Carosserie-Werke, the company became famous for building limousine bodies during the 1920s. Recaro has been setting standards in automotive seating ever since. Recaro Automotive Seating produced the first retrofit sports seat for automobiles, the world’s lightest car seat and the most innovative commercial vehicle seat in addition to new sport seats in a modern composite design. Recaro Automotive Seating’s customers include prominent manufacturers of automobiles and commercial vehicles around the world. Through retail sales, the company also provides end customers with aftermarket seats and motorsports customers with racing shells.
Recaro Automotive Seating is a division of the global Johnson Controls group, with lean structures, short decision paths and fascinating products. It employees 830 employees at Recaro Automotive Seating’s six global locations: Germany (Kaiserslautern and Kirchheim/Teck), Poland (Skarbimierz), North America (Auburn Hills, Michigan), Mexico (Lerma), and Japan (Higashiomi). (
Product Introduction The demand and success of Recaro automobile seats led to a big question; if we can keep parents safe in a…...

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