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The influence of marketing communications on brand awareness and loyalty

The influence of marketing communications on brand awareness and loyalty
The study analyses the importance of spending on marketing communication to achieve brand loyalty and brand awareness. Brand awareness and brand loyalty are dimensions of brand equity. Brand equity refers to the value added to a product in its relationship with customers. Research indicates that brand equity is a strategic aspect of marketing management and can be created by strengthening one of its dimensions (Giese & Cote, 2000). Consequently, marketing has a potential effect on the brand equity because brand equity represents the impact of investment in the brand. The consumers are attracted to the product brand. The organization without brand deficits to sustain the competitor’s strength equates towards opponent brand equity (Grossmanova, Vojtkova & Kita, 2009).
Organization should recognize its brand as an indefinable property. There is a direct connection with organization brand equity inside an intensive economics. Thus, companies need to look at the brand process and carry out these methods to cope with the well-known brands (Morgan & Hunt, 1994). The brand offers distinct concepts and features, thus conveying relevant information to the consumers.
Although advertising plays an essential role in the marketing programs and strategies, growth and development of brand equity the primary goals. Due to the flexibility, brand equity is distinctly affected by the marketing communication. Marketing communications provide information regarding brand such as progression of brand equity, customer’s optimistic interactions, endorsement of apprehension and the facilitation of shaping strong connection in customers as well as compliance with the brand (Keller, 2008).…...

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