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The product I chose to outline is Subaru. Their slogan is confidence in motion.

Subaru automobiles. Subaru’s lineup of vehicles has something for everyone. They offer everything from a rally inspired race car to a family friendly crossover SUV. If you live in the northeast, my bet is you or someone you know owns one.

Subaru vehicles can be found online, at dealerships, or being sold at auctions, used car lots or directly from previous owners.

The price is less than most competitor’s. I would say Audi has the most similar car lineup, albeit a little more on the luxurious end. The other main competitor would probably be Mazda. The cheapest base models begin at just under $18,000 while the most expensive models top out $38,500. Again it offers a model and price for just about every type person and financial situation.

Like most car manufacturers, Subaru is promoted in a myriad of ways. The brand is promoted through television and radio ads, dealership specials and incentives and also just by word of mouth. I feel it is also promoted through the loyalty of its customers. I am now on my third Subaru and each one has been a different model from the station wagon, to the sporty rally car and I now moved onto to the crossover SUV style. They are known for their dependability, good gas mileage and unrelenting all-wheel drive. Another way they are promoted is being eco-friendly. They are a leader in the car industry in green initiatives. Their manufacturing plant, Subaru of Indiana Automotive, has been landfill free for the past ten years. If it is not used or left over after manufacturing of the vehicle, it is sent out for recycling. Subaru also is known for safety, they are one of the safest vehicles to drive with multiple front and side impact airbags as well as almost all of their models except one come…...

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