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Ever thought of rolling out a serious relationship with that cute girl or handsome dude in Your College class? Yeah, that classmate every friend has encouraged you to either ask out or you feel that he should actually ask you out. Your instincts have Probably led you to the point where you think that you would make one of the nicest couple together after your College years. You have reached a stage where you have a feeling that nothing would really come between you incase you started a relationship together.

Well, did you know that that might turn out to be one of Your life's worst mistakes? Chances are, you are not going to date for long and in a number of instances, your current relationship (friendly) that you are enjoying at the moment may end up being ruined.

Here are a few reasons why you should not consider dating your classmate:

1. Break - up - This is the most obvious phase of your relationship.
In an event where one of you cheats on another, you are most definitely going to break up. This can be the most awkward position you can find yourself in. Imagine getting to see your ex everyday. The guilt in you incase you are the one who wronged him/her. Imagine if they are the ones who cheated on you with a fellow classmate. It isn't going to end up well most Probably.

2. Distraction - may be you are more swayed. This is going to be largely influenced by the break-up. It happens in a number of occassions. Chances are that you are going to Steal glances instead of concentrating. Think of that random evening coffee date you are planning together, your next valentine destination, maybe. Stop now and focus on your studies.

3. Jealous - Imagine seeing your significant other getting your fellow classmate more attention than you? Imagine seeing them flirting with a fellow classmate.…...

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