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...  du  skal  kjøpe  til   festen  på  først  kommende  Lørdag.  Når  du  bor  i  akkurat  ett  strøk  som  i  Baltimore  så  er   kanskje  dine  første  tanker  å  kjøpe  litt  mat  til    ungene  dine  som  sitter  hjemme  å  venter  på   mat  og  mamma  eller  bare  å  telle  mynter  for  å  overleve  en  dag  til  i  den  forferdelige   nabolaget  du  bor  i,  det  er  den  vanlige  hverdagen  for  mange  av  de  mødrene  som  bor  i     f.  eks.  Baltimore.  Hun  er  sikkert  alene  med  2  barn  og  flere  regninger  som  hun  ikke  får   betalt  før  frist  datoen.  Hvordan  er  forholdet  mellom  "Getto  mammaen"  og  sitt  barn,  har   barnet  mer  respekt  for  sin  mamma.  Siden  barnet  for  opplevd  så  mye  mer  en  ett  barn   som  har  det  bra,  som  bor  i  en  rik  nabolag.  Det  går  litt  på  ”reality  check”  altså  at    barnet   får  med  seg  alt  det  som  skjer  rundt  mammaen  sine  skuldre  og  vet  verdien  av  en  mynt.   Kanskje  barnet  tenker  at ......

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...cases your local Family Information Service can help. Mama Bear’s is an integrated Day Nursery and Pre-School. The benefit that Mama Bear’s offers you and your family is that we offer continuity of care and education from Monday to Friday, from 7.30am to 7.00pm, 51 weeks of the year for children from 3 months until they go to Reception Class in the September after they are 4 years of age. Children at Mama Bear’s benefit from contact with other children and the social interaction of the group. There are a large number of toys and resources available in this well-maintained setting, as well as a staffing structure that supports good planning, implementation and continuity of activities. Mama Bear’s has comprehensive policies and procedures as well as a strong and visible Management team to ensure that high standards are maintained by suitable staff at all times. All staff are committed to continuous training and personal development. We place the child at the centre of everything that we do and organise ourselves to promote good outcomes for children accordingly. In line with the requirements of the Children Act 2004 we aim to help children: Be healthy Stay safe Enjoy and achieve Make a positive contribution Thereby giving them the best possible start towards achieving economic well-being in later life. Help with funding your nursery place Introduction If you’d like your child to Mama Bear’s Day Nursery at South Devon College you may be......

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