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Pinkberry drives in-store product launch trial via mobile advertising

Frozen yogurt chain Pinkberry launched a location-based ad campaign that served up mobile coupons to lure nearby consumers into stores in April.
The ads ran within the Pandora iPhone app with creative that showed consumers how many miles away they were from a Pinkberry location.
When clicked on, a landing page presented an offer for $1 off of a greek yogurt product. The landing page also included directions and a click-to-call option.
The coupon was redeemable by showing a screen grab of the ad at the point-of-sale.
As marketers increasingly look to make mobile ads more contextual and relevant to consumers, location and targeted data has been one of the biggest growth areas in the industry this year.
In Pinkberry’s case, consumers are more inclined to interact with the banner ad since it ties together an offer with a specific location.

• When consumers tap on the mobile ad, a landing page is brought up with four tabs that run across the top of the page – home, map, details and call.
• The homepage of the ad shows the offer, which runs through April 30. Consumers can save the coupon by taking a screenshot of the ad to show at the point-of-sale.
• Under the maps tab, consumers can view the address and directions to the nearest Pinkberry store.
• Additional information about the product is under the details tab, and consumers can choose to call the local store via the ad.
• Tying a coupon to a location-based ad is a great way for Pinkberry to drive in-store trial of a new product.
• Additionally, by giving consumers a click-to-call option and a map help consumers find the store directly from the ad unit.

Quiznos location based ad campaign
Similar to Pinkberry, Quiznos also banked on location…...

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