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From a strategic planning perspective, the well-known Canadian fitness retailer Lululemon has a lot of factors to consider when laying the foundation for a five year plan. There are many opportunities as well as challenges that the company encounters from its external environments. Each of these is outlined in the following paragraphs and must be embraced in order for Lululemon to position itself strategically and successfully in the market.

Economical environment: The economical environment that circles around Lululemon Athletica shows a strong revenue growth. In September 2012 Lululemon posted a 33% increase in revenue to $282.6-million (U.S.) and an increase of 15% in same-store sales (refer to figure 2). Along with that we can observe the company’s stable financial position with reasonable debt levels by most measures, impressive record of earnings per share growth, net income growth and good cash flow from operations. Lululemon was pretty successful among many investors as it consistently raised quarterly profits and revenues in a struggling fitness retail industry (see figure 3). In reference to the article, “Lululemon athletica inc. Stock Quote & Summary Data”, unemployment rate made some effect on the company’s Gross Income as of in 2009 when the unemployment grew to the level of 8.5% company’s Gross Income was only 23.56% (see figure 1 and 2). But in 2011 when the unemployment growth was at a level of 7.2% company’s Gross Income became 77.04%. This also depicts sales growth as 30.95% and 57.14% in 2009 and 2011, respectively. As mentioned in the article, “Annual financials for Lululemon Athletica Inc.”, despite the prosperity in 2011 the company warned in their annual report that it expects slower sales growth in the high single digits from the fourth quarter of 2012. According to Freeman, the leading global financial services company Credit Suisse…...

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...Case Study- lululemon Ethics and Social Responsibility Executive Summary Founded in 1998, lululemon has become an extremely successful company. Over the last 12 years of operation, its mission is to improve health, make a difference in all the communities it is located in, and provide guests with quality products to help them live healthy lives. Currently, lululemon still strives to make a difference in each community through the Community Legacies Program. Plans for expansion are also in effect, and its economic responsibilities are continually being met by the income generated each year. Social Responsibility is the backbone of lululemon. It presents many positive aspects for the company such as maintaining a positive image within society, however it may result in potential negative outcomes like possible profit loss. Strategically, lululemon uses non-traditional and unique marketing and business schemes. For example, lululemon relies on social activities for product promotion rather than typical ad campaigns such as print and/or television media. The next step for lululemon is to encourage people to bring families to the in-store yoga classes to better find a balance between work, family, and healthy living, together. Issue/Problem Statement lululemon athletica's main goal is to provide their guests with products that will help them live long and healthy lives. They ensure quality in their products, as well as recognize customer needs and adapt to meet those......

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...Lululemon Athletica Inc. Business Plan Lululemon Athletica Inc. Vancouver, BC Executive Summary Mission statement “Creating components for people to live longer, healthier, fun lives.” This Business Plan is to explain Lululemon’s strategies, strategic issues and certain problems (if any) within this company. Focus differentiation is their number one strategy to stay afloat with all this tough competition. High end market is what Lululemon needs to stay focused on. In this report, we list out a few different strategies they need to take, but this is the most important to sustain a competitive advantage. Lululemon will use its marketing tactics to help focus and differentiate themselves from their competitors. With net new companies joining into the market and also current competitors, Lululemon needs to address pertent issues pertaining to its current performace, strategic moves and certain tactics to integrate a strategic campaign. To gain a better insight, the following needs to be addressed: 1. Analysis of current performance and financial situation 2. Understanding of internal and external factors 3. Examine the strategic objectives There are many challenges and opporutnities within this industry. With the right strategies and marketing techniques, Lululemon will be profitable and sustain a competitive advantage. Introduction Overview of the industry Dennis "Chip" Wilson founded Lululemon Athletica (also known...

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...high success 3. Value Prop -The company has developed a unique approach to selling athletic apparel, downplaying its role as retailer and defining its mission as creating “components for people to live longer, healthier, more fun lives.” In fact, company officials say that the job of store employees is actually not to sell clothes. -Groove pants most popular 4. Culture -importna to include integrity, work/life balance and having fun. -Lots of training goes into employees $3.76 million. While skills-based training is an essential part of the program, the emphasis falls on teaching personal accountability, helping employees set goals, and inculcating them in the company culture. - When employees reach one year of service, lululemon sponsors their attendance at a three-day session offered by Landmark Education -Positive manifesto -employees do a hedgehog exercise to teach & help employees, pus employees to create life and a vision for their life CHAPTER 5. One Store, One Hundred Times -store manager is key person in the organization. Lulu managers have more decision rights then regular retail places. -restructured compensation to take risks and make decisions but also with risks – they have investment in the outcome -80% base and 20% commission CHAPTER 6. Growing Pains -Bob, former CEO of reebok brought in outsiders that caused some issues LULULEMON’s Strategy Staging & Pacing: -grown in terms of volume, geographic coverage and......

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