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Vincent McConnell
BIO 102 research paper- Tinea Pedis (Athlete’s Foot)
Tinea is a fungus that grows and multiplies on people’s skin. This is the cause for ringworm and other common fungal infections. Tinea Pedis is a form of ringworm that affects the feet, also called Athlete’s Foot. This fungal infection is the most common form of the ringworm infection and affects many people daily. It is easily spread through any contact with the infection but luckily it can usually be diagnosed rather easily also. This is not a life-threating infection but it does cause much discomfort and displeasure to anyone suffering with it. This infection usually begins in-between toes and is caused by moist feet, usually sweat, inside tight shoes and socks. Athlete’s foot causes itching, stinging, and burning and ways it can be spread include contaminated floors, clothing, or anything that has been exposed to the fungus. This fungal infection is closely related to jock itch and is treated in similar ways.
Athlete’s foot is not only found on “athletes” or even just the foot. This fungus thrives on any damp, warm area which usually is the feet due to shoes being restricting and sweat making them damp. Small cuts or injuries can help the infection begin. This infection can be spread relatively easily compared to some due to how easily it can be caught. Walking barefoot in public showers, or just stepping in or around a public pool is a common way to get the infection. Another way is simply sharing a towel with someone who has the infection.
This fungal infection can spread to other parts of the body from contact with towels or your own hands. Other common areas that Athlete’s Foot is found is under nails due to scratching, hands, and sometimes is mistaken for jock itch. When nails get infected they usually become discolored or begin to crack.
Athlete’s foot does respond well…...

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