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Main sociological perspective

*Structural Functionalism - the creation of the institutions in society that function to keep society going. Analogy to the human body.(Emile Durkheim)

*Conflict Theory- groups with power in society will take care of their needs at the expense of others groups who struggle to get their fair share of societies resources.(Karl Marx/ Max Weber)

*Symbolic Interactionism -The study of how information is transferred through human interactions. The issue for researchers studying social problems concerns how groups make their issues known. sociological cannon- the foundational works of a discipline.

*Important to the study of social change during the transition from tradition to modernity.
Karl Marx- class struggle
Max Weber - bureaucracy, ideas causing social change
Emile Durkheim- The function of institutions in society.

Rural= Urban
Farm= Factory
Monarchy= Democracy
Religion= Science

*The works of Marx, Weber and Durkheim replaced the early sociological works that focused on social control had been developed during time of european colonization.

U.S Sociology - Social Problems Research

Chicago School of Sociology 1900-1940
Examined the problems of cities that were caused by rapid industrialization, immigration, crime.
-While social conditions were seen as contributions to problems, ultimately individuals were blamed for their failure to adapt.

Structural Functionalism 1950’s-
-Seen as a “golden ear” researchers conclude that U.S institutions were a model for the rest of the world.
-EX* Male bread winner model . These models left out many groups that were marginalized and excluded from full participation in society.

Conflict Theory 1960’s- Activist within the discipline begin to focus on the issues of the excluded groups and also begin to critique imperialism and the…...

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