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Building a Laptop Campus Suggestion
February 24, 2013

Mr. Steven Jones
School of Management Undergraduate Program Committee
205 Jacobs Management Center
University at Buffalo
Buffalo, NY 14260

Dear Mr. Jones:

The UB School of Management undergraduate program has been very successful, innovative and well loved by students. Among all the benefits, students find e-assignments and digital access courses to be extremely convenient, since these can be access through laptops and other electronic devices. While students are enjoying privilege of doing assignments online, they suffer from moving heavy and expensive paper textbooks around the campus.

Currently, many colleges benefit from the use of technology. For example, in Northern Michigan University, every student is granted a laptop to improve quality of study. The cost of the laptop is covered in their tuition. In this laptop campus, students can easily access eBooks, course materials, as well as homework assignments through the web, without carrying anything extra.

However, in our program, students spend significant amount of money on textbooks every year and receive very little pleasure using them. Some students end up with going through the semester without having a textbook because they cannot afford one or don’t have the time to sit down and read. This often causes negative impact on students’ grades.

The best solution of this problem is to build a laptop campus. Collect a one-time laptop fee and return the students with heavily discounted e-textbooks would be a huge saving over four years. With affordable and easy to access course material, students can study at home or at anywhere else, this also increases the flexibility of studying time.

This laptop campus transformation can be achieved with some effort because our undergraduate program is already heavily relying on technology.…...

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