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At present, there are 268 Trans boundary river basins worldwide. These basins cover almost two-thirds of the global landmass. Forty percent (40%) of the world's population depends on these shared river basins for the water they need. (International Network, 2002; Sea River, 2002) Of the 71 rivers in the continental United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) that are more than 350 miles in length, only 6 are not shared by one or more states and/or countries. Of over 56,000 river miles, less than 7% are not shared. (Pearson Education, 2002) Over 90% of the population in the continental U.S. depends on waters shared with other states. (Draper, 2003) Clearly, guidelines and procedures for efficient and effective water sharing are necessary.
Water is central to survival of life itself, and without it plant and animal life would be impossible. Water is a central component of the Earth system, providing important controls on the world's weather and climate. Water is also central to our economic well-being, by supporting rain fed and irrigated agriculture, forestry, navigation, waste processing, and hydroelectricity. (Vorosmarty, 2002) Recreation and tourism are other primary uses supported by water, especially in developed countries. (Bourget, 2005)

The water in rivers and some aquifers is different from commodities like oil and gold. Flowing water, like any ambient resource, does not stay within the four corners of any boundaries in the manner of land. (Dellapenna, 2000) Because water is a non-excludable natural resource, it is subject to the same collective dilemmas that plague other common-pool resources: overexploitation of ecosystem services and under-investment in natural capital. (Ostrom 1990)
Water, unlike oil or gold, is a shared, mobile and public resource that it is used and reused for…...

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