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The Concept of System

The Definition of Information System The Benefit of Information System

Kolej Tun Ghaffar Baba: An Introduction Vision, Mission, Theme and Goal Organization Charts History 4 5 6

The Problem The Effective Counter Service The Effect to Organization 8 9 10 11 13 14

The Solution The Action Plan Conclusion Reference 1 | P a g e

The Concept of System
System is a group of components which related to each other and work together toward the same goal by taking the input and produce the output into one regular transformation process. An organization is also one of the examples of system which is comprised of components such as division, department, unit, human and other things. These component works together to achieve organization mission. System usually has 3 main functions. These functions are input, processes and output. Function Input Description It is involving the collection of elements which is include into the system to be processed. Raw material, energy, data and human is many more example can be identified as input. It’s involving the transformation process which converts input to output. Manufacturing process, the process of human respiratory or mathematical calculation is the example in many things in this world.4 It’s involving the transferring the elements that has been produce by transformation process into last destination.



The Definition of Information system
From understanding of system concept thus definition of information system can be made. These are some of the definition by other scholar.  Information system can be described as one set of elements or components which collect (Input), process and produce data and information and by prepare one feedback mechanism for achieving the goal. Information can be defined as one set of components which collect, process, store and distribute information in order to give support to decision maker and control in the organization. As addition to decision making, managing and control, information system also can aid managers and employee to problem analysis, visualize complex matters and creatively produce new product.

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The Benefit of Information System
Each of the information system is quite valuable to be helping tools to help organization to solve everyday problem. Information that has been produced by these information systems can help organization to maintain their competitiveness. There are three (3) levels where information systems give an edge to an organization. They are in business level, organization level and industrial level. Business Level Role of Information Technology in the business is to help organizations in reducing the cost of management and operations of the organization, make a difference to the product with a unique product and is not easily copied by competitors, creating new markets to allow organizations to market products or services in place and targets better than competitors and build linkages between organizations, customers and suppliers to enable the organization to bind customers and suppliers. Organization level In the Organizational level, information technology is used to achieve new efficiencies to improve service. Two strategies to achieve are by coordinate of unit operations and quality improvement organizations. Operational coordination can be done by integrating the operations of each unit in the organization so that it can function as one unit. The overall performance of the units in the organization is achieved when the output of one unit can be used as inputs to other units. Organizational quality improvement can be achieved by encouraging the sharing of knowledge between units within the organization. Encourage knowledge sharing management and staffs are sensitive to new knowledge. This will enable the organization to grow and maintain the efficiency of the market. Industrial Level Information technology can create smart partnerships in the industry. Thanks to this partnership, it can provide competitive advantage in the face. In order to remain competitive an organization should be able to work with other organizations to share information, manage transactions and coordinating the activities. Consumers will have abundance of choice due to new organization entering the market and offers different new product and new services. Customers and suppliers have the power to control supply and determine opportunities for the organization. Traditional competitors constantly improve strategies to maintain their market positions. Information technology is also able to increase profits without increasing the cost to the organization. Using a medium such as the Internet can create a community of users who want to share their experience. Thus be able to retain their customers.

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Kolej Tun Ghaffar Baba: An Introduction

Becoming a World‐Class Student Management Center Quality through Human Resource who is Creative, Reliable and exemplary.

Become a leader in Student Personality Development through Systematic Leadership Program thus providing quality service and amenities In line with the University's aspiration.

“We Care”

To develop student’s potential and facilitate the learning through student personality enhancement program and to provide the infrastructure that is conducive.

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Organization Chart

College Principal

Domestic Residential Asisstant Manager Residential Supervisor (Operation) Residential Supervisor (Administration)


Assistant fellows

General Office assistants

General Office Assistants

Each college is headed by a principal. Principal of the college is a lecturer appointed by the top management of the university governing a residential college student and led the development of the student agenda. Among the principal role is the welfare of students, report to the Deputy Vice‐Chancellor (Student Affairs and Alumni) on student matters, creating a Disciplinary Committee at the College, and other specific tasks principals. Principal further aided by Domestic Residential Assistant Manager (DRAM) and fellow and fellow assistant. Domestic Residential Assistant Manager is responsible for managing student hostels and residential college in collaboration with principals and hostel manager in launching the college's administration related to the students, facilities and other basic amenities. In other words, the Domestic Residential Assistant Manager will govern the college and make sure the college is in perfect condition and in order. Under the supervision of the assistant manager of the hostel there are two supervisors in charge of two parts, namely, administration and operations. Supervisors of administrative ensure office and college administration running smoothly. Finance, correspondence, attendance and leave also included in the administrative controls. While supervisor of operation ensures operation of the college run in the best condition. College’s Cleanness, law enforcement, repair work and the college facilities are in supervisor of operation monitor. Both of these supervisors were later assisted by general office assistants.

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Fellow and fellow assistant is appointed from academic and non‐academic of civil servants group A and group B. Fellow and a fellow assistant role is to implement the rules for the benefit of a college dormitory residents, intensify activities that promote community feeling among the hostel with the locals, leading towards the goal hostel university, responsible for all activities in the hostel, responsible for the welfare hostel residents, help in overcoming student’s personal and academic problem, maintain tranquility and comfort, college student advisor to the committee and the last one is performing other duties as directed by the Deputy Vice‐ Chancellor or the college principal from time to time.

Situated on north side of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) Kolej Tun Ghaffar Baba is one of the colleges which has strategic location for certain student who seeks and endures the calm and clean environment. Although it is situated in outer ring of campus, the environment has attracted many student especially international students to make this college as their home due to its greenery and calmness. On early of it Foundation, Kolej Tun Ghaffar Baba was built on year 2000 and has been finished on early year 2004. After the work of constructions and corrections were done, the administration of the college began it operation in the middle of Jun 2004. On early establishment the college has been named College 14 & 15. But in Jun 2007 college 14 & 15 has been renamed to Kolej Tun Ghaffar Baba officially by Deputy Vice Chancellor, Dato’ Dr. Alias b. Mohd Noor while attending Malam Sanggar Sanjung III. It was held the name of late Deputy Prime Minister Tun Abdul Ghaffar Baba due to his contribution to our nation and the sacrifice his made. This College was estimated can accommodate student around 1500 student on one time. This large number of student is accommodated in this four blocks consist of XA1, XA2, X1 and X2. There four block consists of 425 single rooms and 543 double rooms. Additionally Kolej Tun Ghafar Baba also provide home for her fellows in blocks XA3 and X3. Currently college office is situated on first level of XA1 block. On year 2011, statistics of student living here reach out of 925 peoples. 200 of them is international student from varieties of country such as Indonesia, Iran, Khazastan, Turkey, Nigeria, Sudan and many more. Kolej Tun Ghaffar Baba is the only college who offer indoor and outdoor futsal field. Other than that this college also has sufficient roofed motorcycle parks enough to be used by its dweller. Wi‐Fi is also provided in each of the blocks to give convenience to gain access to the internet.

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The Problem

7 | P a g e

The problem and causes Each college has its own problems. But there is a problem we share in common ground. One of the problems is to provide an effective counter. Students will come to the counter according to certain times. At that time the counters have to treat students who come in large numbers. In that time surely our staff cannot entertain the entire. It brought the anger and discomfort for the delay of services received. In addition to the manual method used also contribute to delays. This is because a lot of the time is used to fill the form, sort and also finding information in a book or log. In certain cases the application must be processed and approved by the Domestic Residential Assistant Manager and college principals. Such applications often take time to process due to work schedules of Domestic Residential Assistant Manager and principal are quite compact. Therefore it is necessary to have a mechanism to allow principal and Domestic Residential Assistant Manager knowing what they need to complete before they attend workshops or meetings. They should reduce bureaucracy in organization. At this time the university has developed a system called AIMS 2000 (Academic Integrated Management System 2000) which was developed by the Center for Information and Communication Technology (CICT) in 2000. Yet that has being long developed and still not upgraded. This causes the system cannot cope with the requirements of the current user. Hence the need of an efficient and fast system is required. Aside from the software, old computers need to be replaced or upgraded and add more to other requirements such as a printer, scanner images, and RFID or barcode reader. These devices are very important to ensure the smooth running of administration. Most the common problem happens is the barrier of language. The incapability of staff to have good command of English brings difficulties to understand the need of the student. Sometimes the ascents of different English dialect also need to be count. These factors bring confusion among staff and student thus makes communication much more difficult. 8 | P a g e

The Effect to the organizations
Due to problem above we face a lot of difficulty such as 1. College achievement decreased and showed no positive change. 2. Students do not like to deal in the office and the gap between students and staff increased. 3. The record is prone to error thus cannot be reliable. 4. University income can be affected by the record is not updated correctly. 5. Staff can be stressed out due to the overcrowded counter. 6. Time is wasted on waiting turn. 7. Taking a lot of time to retrieve the information we need.

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The Solution

The first solution I would like to implement is to improvise our current workflow. We have to make some adjustment to meet with the current requirement. Information system may replace certain job that do by the human. Firstly I would like to suggest student should be able to use and apply directly through the system. Thus the key‐in job will be burden to the student shoulder rather than in the old days, stuff need to enter the data from paper form into the system. Secondly the usage of Matrix card as identity card will bring a lot of advantages. It certainly will avoid error such as identity error. The usage of matrix card has been made a university policy. The barcode at the back of the card can be used with barcode scanner. The RFID chip also has been embedded in the card thus will make a lot of possibility in future. In order to reduce the usage of traditional paper, the usage of electronic paper has been encouraged. Therefore form and any report can be converted to PDF file and send to email. Each of students has their own email provided by the university. Therefore all receipt and form can be attach to the email and send to them. Thus make the delivery more effective and give convenience to the student to make as reference. University has already developed its own information system managing the student record namely as AIMS (Academic Information Management System). However the system cannot cater the requirement we need today. It has been developed in the year of 2000. Thus it does mean the system needs a little bit improvement by making the integration between other systems without the need to develop it again.
10 | P a g e

The Action Plan
1 2 3 4 5 6 • Investigate the problem occured in our service. • Present the finding to the Domestic Residential Assistant Manager and the Principal. • Bring this matter in higher management such as Executive Meeting to ask the financial aid and other assistant. • Hardware and software installation. • Provide with training and exercise necessary. • Report results and improvement achieved by the project.

The first phase of the plan is to investigate the problem occurred on the service. We want to pin point the cause and the factor of the problem. From here we will job down the parties who involves and identify the priorities we need to emphasize. After the finding is finish, we will step on second phase by presenting the finding to the Domestic Residential Assistant Manager and the principal to hear out their concern and opinion. By that we will add our point in the finding and find our strength before hand over this matter to higher management in order to solve the problem by aiding us finance support and other aided we would like to have. On third phase, our principal will bring this matter forward in important meeting such as executive meeting. In this meeting the principal will address the member of the meeting the problem we faced and ask for any support we need especially on finance and technical aspects. The next phase can be initialized after we have support and gain enough the material we need to ensure this project succeeded.

11 | P a g e

On Forth phase, the installation of hardware can begin such as new computers, network connection and others. After the installation of hardware we can begin the installation with our new computer system that will boost our counter service. The next phase will begin after the installation of software is finish and there is no error and fault is found. On fifth phase, with the new computer system, new software and new device all will be in vein if we don’t have the knowledge how to operate it. Therefore the need of training and exercise is necessary to ensure the operation can be done smoothly. In order of that special training should be provided and to be given by the expert who knows the system very well. On last phase as token of gratitude to the higher management we would like to gave them our report the feedback we got and the achievement we gain before and after the improvement we do. Perhaps with this other college will follow the same footsteps in order to improve their service to be more effective.

12 | P a g e

With the new system and desires to success will bring a good quality of service from time to time. Good system is not only profitable to the university but gives such convenience to the students and staff themselves. The new system is also able to facilitate processes, reduce errors and increase revenue. It is therefore necessary creative ideas and innovative in solving problems from time to time is needed and to be cultivated.

13 | P a g e


1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Creativity & Innovation Strategy notes, Dr Au Tai Yiat. Information System Strategy Notes, En. Mohammed Salleh Taib. RFID ‐‐frequency_identification Systems analysis and Design, shelly Cashman Rosenblatt. Management, Richard L. Daft. 6. Sistem Maklumat Pengurusan, Mohd Taib Wahid.

14 | P a g e…...

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Understanding Mis

...Unit 1 – Understanding MIS Theodora Wilson American InterContinental University   Abstract Information systems are used globally with efficient effective ways starting with management as they utilize the four competitive strategies to compete in businesses. The organizations and their use of technology to collaborate and succeed in the market all depends on how their information systems are set up.   Introduction Understanding Information systems in the world of businesses assists in creating success for the stock holders, stake holders, and the consumer. This paper will answer questions based on four case studies. The case studies presented are based on smart grids, collaboration and innovation, how much a company knows about you, and the consequences of texting. Case Study I – Smart Grids Smart grids were developed as the twenty-first century automated form of electrical output to consumers. Smart Grids are used to deliver electricity from the supplier to the consumer using digital technology. This means using an automated system through a computer generated information network from power plants and wind farms to the customer in their homes and businesses. Utilizing smart grids in this fashion is different from the current electricity infrastructure as far as not using transmission lines to telephone poles to meters. (Kenneth c. Laudon, 2012) Developing a smart grid requires management of information. Technology is needed to operate the......

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