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1619‐4500 1863‐8171 1528‐7106 0001‐3072 1018‐161X 1096‐3685 1087‐9595 1524‐7252 0001‐4273 1537‐260X 0363‐7425 1526‐1794 1095‐6298 1813‐0534 0001‐4575 1754‐7718 1445‐954X 0001‐4788 0810‐5391 1944‐529X 1530‐9320 0951‐3574 1328‐8261 0963‐9284 1041‐0392 0155‐9982 0148‐4184 1032‐3732 0888‐7993 1744‐9480 1911‐382X 1030‐9616 0958‐5206 0361‐3682 1530‐0226 1073‐0516 1046‐8188 1049‐3301 1049‐331X 0168‐9673 0001‐6373 0001‐6918 0353‐4316 1212‐3285

4OR: Quarterly Journal of Operations Research A St A ‐ Advances in Statistical Analysis AACE International Transactions Abacus: a journal of accounting, finance and business studies Academia Economic Papers Academy of Accounting and Financial Studies Journal Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal Academy of Information and Management Sciences Journal Academy of Management Journal Academy of Management Learning and Education Academy of Management Review Academy of Marketing Science Review Academy of Marketing Studies Journal Academy of Taiwan Business Management Review Accident Analysis and Prevention Accountancy Business and the Public Interest Accounting Accountability and Performance Accounting and Business Research Accounting and Finance Accounting and Taxation Accounting and the Public Interest Accounting Auditing and Accountability Journal Accounting Commerce and Finance: The Islamic Perspective Journal Accounting Education: An International Journal Accounting Educators' Journal Accounting Forum Accounting Historians Journal Accounting History Accounting Horizons Accounting in Europe Accounting Perspectives Accounting Research Journal Accounting, Business and Financial History Accounting, Organizations and Society ACM Transactions on Asian Language Information Processing ACM Transactions on Computer ‐ Human Interaction ACM Transactions on Information Systems ACM Transactions on Modeling and Computer…...

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...Robin Hamilton Gen. 105 Professor Hamilton October 26, 2012 Skill Ranking 1. Time Management 6. Financial Management 2. Setting Priorities 7. Research Skills 3. Stress Management 8. Reading Comprehension 4. Understanding Technology 9. Math 5. Communication 10. Proper Etiquette How can you top five ranking skills help you in the classroom environment? * * My first top ranking skill that will help me in the classroom environment is time management. This to me is the most important top ranking skills, because time management is everything. What I mean is that when you are in a classroom environment you have to management your time properly, such like a daily routine so you know that, everyday at that time you are obligated to that time so that you know that part of your day is scheduled for your distance learning. Even though you had a hectic schedule and been busy all day, you know that you manage your time everyday around the same time so you don’t forget. A second top ranking skill is setting priorities, you have to know which of your priorities is first and that they are well taking care of before you can go head and continue with your day. You cannot plan to be in a classroom environment and have a whole bunch of priorities that needs to be taking care of. Priorities are very much important, such as making sure all your errands are done, an important doctor appointment, or taking your child to a very important school event.......

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...consumers’ offline and online brand experiences constantly intertwine, the leading brands are staying actively engaged, tapping into the inexorable rise of data and information in order to drive innovation across all industries. They are spending the time and money required to understand the role their brand plays in consumers’ lives – and they are strategically weaving their brand proposition into every interaction. 2012 NEW ENTRANTS: Pampers, Facebook, Prada, Kia, Ralph Lauren, MasterCard Pampers (#34): Pampers, the top-selling diaper brand in the US and P&G’s number one selling brand in the world, earned the highest ranking position among this year’s new entrants. Pampers has effectively used social media platforms and loyalty programs to connect to its consumer base. Such efforts (and increased financial transparency on P&G’s part) have earned Pampers a high-ranking spot in this year’s Best Global Brands report. Facebook (#69): Facebook’s IPO in May enabled Interbrand to examine the social media behemoth’s financials for the first time. Despite its rocky start as a publicly listed stock and lingering uncertainty about its business model, Facebook’s growth as a brand, especially in developing markets, earns it a position in this year’s report. Prada (#84): Prada returns to the Best Global Brands report this year. The brand’s continued growth in revenue is fueled largely by 250+ DOS (Directly Operated Stores) worldwide – a network that has expanded by keeping a careful eye......

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...Abstract To be a competent manager, one should develop a set of essential management skills. The process of development is continuous and periodic reviews are required. In the first part of this journal, it shows my self-assessment results in three different aspects. Improvement in stress and time management are particularly important to me. An action plan showing continuous skills learning will be described. Lastly, to me, the most important part, videos learned from the lessons will be mentioned and how the learned skills can improve my competence will be explained. 1. Self- Assessment In table 1, it shows my personal assessment of management skills result. The skills are mainly categorized into three aspects – personal, interpersonal and group. The result shows my level of skill competence in these aspects and whether there is any weakness so that I can know how to tailor my continuous learning to improve particular weakness. The overall result, however, is disappointing. My total score, compared with the 5000 business school students score recorded in the textbook, is below 368. I am in the bottom quartile. It implies that I am below average. I need to strengthen the skills in all ten areas in order to be a competent manager in the future. Table 1. – Self-Assessment Results Self-Assessment Areas Personal Developing Self-Awareness Total Score 49 Interpersonal Group Managing Stress Solving Problems Creatively Communicating Supportively Gaining Power and Influence......

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...Ranking Criteria Ranking Criteria Based on the scenario and approximate amount of this project of $100,000 (which is within the simplified acquisition threshold), my selection team will only consist of myself, the technical representative (from the program office), and the contracting officer. The evaluation factors that we have decided to employ are:  Technical capability  Past Performance  Price The method that we will use in evaluating the proposals is the trade-off process or better known as best value. Trade-off process puts more emphasis on non-price factors and awards the contract to the vendor that offers the best value rather than the one whose proposal has the lowest price. Using the trade-off process gives the government the flexibility to trade off among cost or price and non-cost evaluation factors such as the contractor’s technical capabilities, management capabilities, qualifications, and experience. It will be clearly indicated in the solicitation package on the relative order of importance of the evaluation factor which will state as follows: The following five criteria will be evaluated in order of importance. All non-price factors are listed in descending order of importance, with the most important criterion listed first. Criteria 1-5 combined are significantly more important than price. Price will not be scored, but its reasonableness and fairness will be evaluated. 1. Technical capability 2. Past performance 3. Corporate......

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...International Journal of Event Management Research Volume 6, Number 1, 2011 VOLUNTEER SATISFACTION AND INTENT TO REMAIN: AN ANALYSIS OF CONTRIBUTING FACTORS AMONG PROFESSIONAL GOLF EVENT VOLUNTEERS Gina Pauline Syracuse University ABSTRACT Sport events are increasingly reliant on episodic volunteers for the successful delivery of an event. As there continues to exist a surge in the organization of sporting events coupled with the demand for volunteers, event organizers must concern themselves with utilizing the appropriate recruitment and retention strategies. In an effort to do this, one must understand the points of satisfaction for volunteers as well as factors influencing their future intentions to volunteer. While there exists a plethora of research to understand the motivation of volunteers, exploring the antecedents of volunteer satisfaction as well as intent to remain has been limited. This study investigates the factors influencing volunteer satisfaction as well as intentions to remain as a volunteer for future sporting events from an elite men’s golf event on the Professional Golf Association (PGA) circuit. Results indicated that overall volunteers were satisfied with their experience and willing to return yet were concerned with the level of communication between the organization and volunteers. The present study also found that longevity of service influenced volunteer satisfaction. A MANOVA revealed significant differences between first......

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...Journal of Banking & Finance 34 (2010) 1958–1969 Contents lists available at ScienceDirect Journal of Banking & Finance journal homepage: Underpricing of IPOs: Firm-, issue- and country-specific characteristics Peter-Jan Engelen a,*, Marc van Essen b a b Utrecht University, School of Economics, Utrecht, The Netherlands Erasmus University, Rotterdam School of Management, Rotterdam, The Netherlands a r t i c l e i n f o a b s t r a c t Using a large firm-level dataset of 2920 IPOs from 21 countries we examine the impact of country-level institutional characteristics on the underpricing of IPOs. Through hierarchical linear modeling we are able to control for firm-specific and issue-specific characteristics and test whether country-specific institutional characteristics add explanatory power to explain the level of underpricing. Our results show that about 10% of the variation in the level of underpricing is between countries. The quality of a country’s legal framework, as measured by its level of investor protection, the overall quality of its legal system and its level of legal enforcement, reduces the level of underpricing significantly. Ó 2010 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved. Article history: Received 4 July 2009 Accepted 6 January 2010 Available online 11 January 2010 JEL classification: G30 G32 G38 K22 Keywords: IPO Underpricing Legal framework Investor protection Multi-level modeling 1. Introduction When companies go......

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...the organization adopted a forced ranking performance appraisal system. Careful evaluation of this assessment process suggests that the compulsory classification of an arbitrary number of employees has resulted in several unintended consequences while raising ethical concerns. The following topics relative to the utilization of a forced distribution system have been evaluated. The proposed benefits of forced distribution. The impact of forced ranking on employees and managers. The results of a forced ranking model on employee retention. Application of ethical theory to the forced ranking model. SWOT Analysis. Conclusion. This review of the forced ranking methodology will assess the moral and ethical implications of the model. Additionally, it will evaluate the impact on the organization, as well as the individuals employed by the firm. The Proposed Benefits of Forced Distribution "Performance evaluation systems are one of the most pervasive and important human resources systems in organizations today" (Baldwin, Blume, and Rubin, 2009, p. 77). Supporters of the forced distribution model claim that it has a positive impact on employees by compelling managers to separate bottom performers from those who excel. They suggest that top performers must be kept in the organization at any reasonable cost. Hazels (2008) states, "Because these individuals are the most likely to leave, the recognition provided by the forced ranking is appropriate for retention"......

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...Week 2 Case Assignment 1. What’s your opinion regarding forced ranking performance appraisals? Do they motivate employees? Explain. I do not agree with forced ranking performance appraisals this process can be brutal. The system creates a competitive environment that can result in cutthroat, unethical behavior, and discourage workers. In addition, fellow workers are less likely to help, train, or share information with one another. This type of behavior will eventually break down an effective team. Replacing employees each year can also be costly and can lower productivity in the early months of adoption. Employee’s want their hard work to be recognized.( The Expectancy Theory suggest employees are more likely to be motivated when they perceive their efforts will result in successful performance and, ultimately, desired rewards and outcomes.(Ivancevich J ,Konopaske R, & Matteson M pg. 123-127) Cutting a certain percentage of employees does not often reveal the root of the problem. When manager treat their employee’s good and motivate them this provides a more effective work environment. Motivation is a product of an individual's expectancy that a certain effort will lead to the intended performance, the instrumentality of this performance to achieving a certain result, and the desirability of the result (known as valence) for the individual.......

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...Journals Student’s Name Institution Journal 1: Part 1 Work in my opinion refers to the legitimate means by which man makes a living. Every individual in life has demands that need fulfillment. Individuals have responsibilities that they have to handle. Work enables individuals to earn a living that in turn enables them to meet these responsibilities. It implies that for any normal human being to live comfortably, one must work. Besides earning a living, work enables to utilize our time well. The world today could be full of vices if everybody had nothing to do. They deem that the fiend employs of redundant minds explains this situation clearly. Individuals ought to embrace the work and take it positively rather than viewing it as a punishment. Work should be as part of us, and a means through which human beings maintain their dignity and live respectable lives (Connors and Paul, 2009). The culture of rewarding hard workers cultivated in me the culture of hard work and a positive view towards life. From my tender age, I learned that the work was the way of life and the only way through which individuals could better their lives. On academic grounds, I must state that the teachings by our teachers towards work had a lot of impact on me. They taught work as a virtue and changed my perception towards work. Family provided me with my first interaction with the work. My parents could divide the work and go ahead to reward those who did good work. It instilled in me the...

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...The Importance of Google Ranking By MELISSA | JANUARY 19, 2010 Nearly every website receives the vast majority of its daily visitors from Google, the dominant search engine for the past 10 years with no clear challenger in site. The reason for Google’s dominance is no different than other products and services that are dominant; they all provide the best results, the best customer experience, the best reliability and the best confidence in the product, service or company.  When searchers use Google to find things they are confident and assured that they will find what the y are looking for quickly and reliably.  68% of Google searchers don’t go past the first page of a search; 98% don’t go past the 3rd …best evidence that people are finding what they want quickly. So the importance of Google Ranking should be clear.  Simply, you want to be found at the common meeting point … page 1 of a Google search. Further, users are 40% likely to click on your site if you are ranked number one by Google, 30% more likely to click if you are ranked second and 24% more likely if you are third. As you can see, ranking within the top ten results in the Google search results page is imperative for increasing your website traffic. Getting these coveted page 1 positions on Google is obviously a competitive endeavor.  It cannot be done by simply writing checks to some so-called internet guru.  Rather, it involves online marketing, specifically Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Regardless of...

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...10-2 | NA | NA | The Wizards displayed exactly why they should be back in title contention this season, after an earlier exit last year. | 2 | | 10-2 | NA | NA | A year after tanking and a high draft pick the Bucks look to be in the upper echelon of teams this season, led by Diamond Stone. | 3 | | 13-6 | NA | NA | Perennial lottery contenders, the Pelicans seem to have finally assembled a more than capable squad of young talent. | 4 | | 11-5 | NA | NA | Led by Seventh Woods, Memphis may be able to breeze through the season. Their playoff ability will certainly be tested though. | 5 | | 9-5 | NA | NA | A few months removed from the NBA title, the Suns had a bumpy first sim, although they are still elite and deserving of this ranking. | 6 | | 10-5 | NA | NA | BeeJay Anya showed that he is more than ready to be the go-to big man in Indiana, and Frank Kaminsky was quite solid as usual. | 7 | | 10-6 | NA | NA | Minnesota fans can breathe again. It seems the Wolves have a spark. The core of Wall, Young-Blood and Noel is doing good things | 8 | | 10-5 | NA | NA | Ron Baker has emerged as the cornerstone in Cavs town. Will it last? The coming weeks will be very telling for this team. | 9 | | 8-5 | NA | NA | The Celtics don’t look like the East Champs of last year just yet, but give it a bit of time and this squad should return to form. | 10 | | 8-6 | NA | NA | After a lucrative offseason, Denver is going all or nothing. So far, they’ve gotten a whole lot of...

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...Reasoning Workbook 10.Ranking/Ordering Model 1 1. Rahul ranked ninth from the top and thirty eighth from the bottom in a class. How many students are there in the class? 1) 45 2) 46 3) 47 4) 48 5) None of these 2. In a row of children, Neeta is 15th from the left end of the row. If she is shifted towards the right end of the row by four places, she becomes 8th from the right end. How many children are there in the row? 1) 27 2) 26 3) 28 4) 24 5) None of these 3. In a class of boys Manish ranked sixteenth from the top and twenty ninth from the bottom among those who passed an examination. Six boys did not participate in the competition and five failed in it. How many boys were there in the class? 1) 40 2) 44 3) 50 4) 55 5) 58 4. A class of boys stands in a single line. One boy is nineteenth in order from both the ends. How many boys are there in the class? 1) 27 2) 37 3) 38 4) 39 5) None of these 5. In a row of boys, Jeevan is seventh from the start and eleventh from the end. In another row of boys, Vikas is tenth from the start and twelfth from the end. How many boys are there in both the rows together? 1) 36 Model 2 6. In a class of 36 students Ravi‘s rank from the top is 12. Radhika ranks three places above Ravi. What is Radhika‘s rank from the bottom? 1) 27 2) 28 3) 26 4) 29 5) None of these 2) 37 3) 39 4) Cannot be determined 5) None of these 7. In a class of 40 children, Sunetra‘s rank is eight from the top. Sujit is five ranks below Sunetra. What is......

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...May 2005 PERCEPTION OF A WHITE-COLLAR CRIME: TAX EVASION 1 By Hughlene Burton University of North Carolina at Charlotte Stewart Karlinsky San Jose State University Visiting Fellow, 2005 School of Business Law Curtin University of Technology Cindy Blanthorne University of North Carolina at Charlotte ISSN: 1321-7828 ISBN: 174067 410 3 1 This paper was previously published in the American Taxation Association Journal of Legal Tax Research. 1 PERCEPTION OF A WHITE-COLLAR CRIME: TAX EVASION Hughlene Burton, Stewart Karlinsky and Cindy Blanthorne ABSTRACT The current study was designed to investigate U.S. taxpayers’ perception of the severity of tax evasion relative to other offences in general and white-collar crimes in particular. We compared the perception of tax evasion to twenty other offences, including violent crimes such as rape and murder and relatively minor offences such as jaywalking. Due to the recent focus by lawmakers and the media on white-collar scandals and the lack of comparisons in prior literature, we also included six white-collar crimes. Overall, the results indicate that tax evasion was viewed as only somewhat serious. When comparing tax evasion to other white-collar offences, we found that tax evasion was perceived as equal in severity to minimum wage law violations and rated less serious than the other four white-collar crimes investigated. Most demographic factors (age, gender, education or income level,...

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...WWF Project & Programme Standards Step 1.4 Define: Threat Ranking July 2007 Step 1.4 Threat Ranking Contents What Is a Threat Ranking?................................................................................................... 1 Why Is Threat Ranking Important? ..................................................................................... 1 When To Use Threat Rankings ............................................................................................ 1 How To Do a Threat Ranking ............................................................................................... 1 1. Determine the criteria for ranking .................................................................................................2 2. Apply the threat ranking................................................................................................................3 3. Sum up your threats across all targets to get an overall ranking for the site ...............................4 4. Classify each threat ......................................................................................................................4 Other Methods for Threat Ranking...................................................................................... 6 References............................................................................................................................. 6 Annex 1: Other Methods for Threat Ranking......

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...Global MBA Rankings 2012 Business School Rankings - Custom PDF download Weighted salary (US$) 192,179 178,249 172,353 152,981 166,497 144,355 157,337 156,658 133,888 127,600 175,076 152,585 144,045 146,811 139,405 145,834 134,093 121,061 151,182 129,512 142,455 134,805 97,625 123,058 141,727 132,758 118,151 100,408 129,649 103,628 117,016 136,331 114,988 102,350 132,325 125,196 106,720 111,552 134,936 124,832 118,943 102,854 123,290 94,255 118,617 104,619 110,701 113,217 109,114 112,992 110,103 108,606 121,170 79,914 141,490 118,959 105,726 109,375 88,283 103,304 106,668 114,265 121,060 89,623 100,631 100,779 105,426 100,738 109,440 94,661 97,124 108,994 109,088 110,118 108,990 84,411 98,784 106,762 104,814 108,737 99,333 80,898 88,783 97,733 106,171 93,824 87,274 102,026 100,803 92,978 79,809 83,286 91,106 91,718 93,053 90,900 87,228 101,189 101,286 106,506 3 year average rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 20 20 23 24 24 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 38 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 46 46 49 49 51 51 51 54 54 56 57 58 59 59 61 61 61 61 65 66 66 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 74 76 77 77 79 80 81 82 83 83 85 86 86 86 89 90 91 91 93 94 95 95 95 98 98 100 3 3 2 2 6 5 8 7 10 8 11 14 22 18 20 15 18 17 15 17 21 21 30 24 42 27 30 33 32 24 31 37 32 37 37 37 37 36 40 45 44 38 54 59 50 50 51 68 55 52 47 54 62 56 61 71 73 68 54 63 71 45 79 68 69 79 69 81 87 79 76 87 75 73 74 81 84 91 91 94 94 Stanford Graduate School of Business Harvard Business School......

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