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The talk is about how to make an effective presentation and the presenter is Professor Pete Lane, the Chair of Marketing Department of WSBE. If you have a good idea but cannot present well, and your idea is lose out. Fortunate, the presentation skill can be learn and develop. Built an effective presentation need focus to the four dimension, there are developing a presentation strategy, create the story line, create slides that work and present looking someone like pro. Developed a presentation strategy has three idea. Firstly, you have to known what is the purpose of your presentation. For example, are you going to persuade, or to make recommendation, or just giving information to your audience. Secondly, who is your primary audience and thinking about them when you design your presentation. Lastly, did the organization requirement the presentation? Normally, organization have stated norm requirement for how you put information together, and make sure you understand what that is. A very good organization also will include feedback on how you present. Story line is a compelling narrative that drawn your audience into your view of the word. The presentation need to starting strong and has a strong introduction. You can open with brief problem statement, list types of analyses done, and brief summary of insight and recommendation. This is very important to let people have a sense where you will go. Then, build solid logic into your presentation. Mean you have to show the insight from your analyses not the gory details, focus on what they need to know to buy your conclusion, and keep details of analyses handy for Q&A part. Finally, you have to close the presentation with convincingly. You can quickly restate the problem and recommendation, thank the audience, and ask the question. If presenting as a team, please remember never adding on to teammate’s…...

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