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At JMC’s Every Little Thing, we have taken on a structure, business model, and culture that will best suit our desire for success and giving back to the community. Our focus is on the satisfaction of our customers and employees, while following our strong set of values and norms. Our business model is dedicated to impressing every client every time. It has goals of serving the community with low prices and high quality items. We decided to carry low priced items because we want to serve the fading middle class of our community. We are able to get low priced items from manufactures second hand items that cannot be sold in other stores due to minor issues. We also focus less on profitability and more on caring for the customer. With our items being marked up no higher than a profit of 5% after overhead costs, we are able to make them cheaper than surrounding competing stores. Our objectives are to become the top selling privately owned multi-functional store in the area then eventually expanding into other areas.
Our organizational structure will allow us to do this. We chose the market structure because we will sell many different products which means serving many different types of customers. Our employees will be able to work with each different customer to fulfill their needs. With this structure, we are able to focus more precisely on the specific kind of goods, service, or customer. With the many departments and products in our store, this is the structure that we need. The only downfall of this structure that could affect business is the miscommunication between different managers in each team. To avoid this, I plan to integrate a policy that makes all team members work together to create a successful business as a whole. Each team member will be cross trained in other departments while specializing in their own department to better suit customers. This…...

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