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Based on the recent discovery, analysis and recommendation we made in regards to lead levels in whistles in the package of toys meant for distribution to our customers it has come to my attention that we need some ways of increasing the chances that the employees of our company and ultimately our company itself follow our code of conduct. It has been discussed that “Key “ethics-related actions” (ERAs) observed in organizations with strong ethical cultures include (1) management communicating ethics as a priority, (2) management setting a good example of ethical conduct,(3) coworkers considering ethics when making decisions, and (4) coworkers talking about ethics in the work they do.”1 I truly believe this to be the case. The question is how do we go about this? Once a code of conduct has been determined and needs to be implemented I would follow the following set of strategies to make it permeate the company culture. “Dissemination, training, continuous employee engagement, effectiveness monitoring and feedback solicitation”1 are the tools or strategies that I recommend. Dissemination is simply making sure that all employees are exposed to the code of conduct. The ideal way to implement this is to have classes focused on the different employee groups to be able to train the code of conduct at an appropriate level for each group, answer questions and get a sign off that the employees were indeed trained in the code of conduct. During the dissemination phase I would also recommend using flyers, handouts, emails and other documents to distribute to employees as a written form of the code of conduct. This will place the idea of a code of conduct in every employee’s mind by simple exposure. Training as the next strategy is making having classes or meetings focused on the difference aspects of the code of conduct for the company and…...

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...product and repackage it taking the $100k loss it will take to reproduce and repackage it. Another is to remake and repackage the whistle and give it to the customer at a reduced cost than originally agreed upon. Lastly, to reproduce and package the product, then raise the price to cover at least half of the added cost. I came upon the three possible solutions by using the model 3 theories in the course of study. First question I asked myself when deciding each alternative was what goals or other results do I want for all three decisions? The answer was to make a responsible and ethical decision, reduce cost and make the customer happy. I then gave thought to my options, which are: 1) Remake the product and repackage it taking the 100k loss 2) Remake the product and repackage it and give it to the customer at a reduced price 3) Remake the product and repackage it and give it to the customer at a higher price For each decision I thought about the advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of the first decision to remake and repackage the product and taking a $100l loss, demonstrate that we are a company with good business ethics. Regardless of weather the product may have the legal amounts of lead for South America, we would not distribute our product to children because we do not consider it safe here in America. Reproducing the product until it is safe also shows that we are a responsible company you can trust to do the right thing. Taking all the responsibility......

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...To: CEO From: Date: 6/6/11 Re: Problem Regarding Whistles in the Toy Collection A1. To address the problem regarding the whistles, there are three possible decision alternatives: 1) Have the whistles tested by another lab to confirm the amount of lead in the whistles 2) Get the manufacturer involved and see if they will absorb the cost of reproducing the whistles 3) Send the shipment of the elementary toy collection without the whistles for now. A1a. Forming a distinctive faction of supervisors, we can review which alternatives satisfy the musts and which one satisfies the most wants and the issues at hand to devise possible resolutions. Brainstorming will allow participants in the group to provide different suggestions or ideas, thus creating more options. Once all views were presented, we then narrowed the alternatives to the top three with everyone’s agreement involved in the critical thinking process. (Explain the steps for decision making, 1999-2011) A1b. The benefits of the first alternative are having a second opinion. Whistles should not necessarily be discarded if after an additional test shows that the whistles do meet the legally acceptable limits of the lead in them. A disadvantage of the second opinion is the cost of having an additional test done to confirm the amount of lead in the whistles. Not only will it cost to have the test done, but to ship the whistles to the lab. The benefits of getting the manufacturer involved are taking the......

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