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James Alan McPherson
How is this individual account representative of the period? Of a specific cultural group-- a religion, a race, a tribe? And How is this individual account not representative to the period? Of a specific cultural group?

There are times when individuals try to recollect the situations of their past, which sometimes lead them to ponder over thoughts of what other individuals may have, or may have not said, that aids to the direction in which their thought pattern may sway. Being an individual born in the South, gives insight of some of the worst monstrosities that took place during the time of the Civil Rights Movement, and Segregation. It just so happens that this particular Author wrote about being born in Savannah, GA., in the early forties, to a Master Electrician, of African American descent, with the difficulties and limited advancements of Black American Citizens. McPherson's account of his life, touches on what some would consider to be "The Black Experience," of that time. This particular story of "Going Up to Atlanta," offers a more in-depth look at the thought process in which McPherson tries to cover most of the situations that helped him to summarize his own existence. McPherson speaks of the relationship between his father and himself, while looking at the situations where he felt either the most connected, or disconnected from him. This story mentions the educational success that McPherson experienced, while emphasizing the lack of personal success of his father's attempts at higher successes. He tells of a story about a Japanese movie called "Sansho the Bailiff," which seemed to offer a sleight idea of what the human experience was like in other parts of the world, but also with its similarities of his own. While taking short snippets of thought of certain family members and where they lived, he produced a somewhat…...

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