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Different religious texts, Qur’an.
1. The internet: example (google, Wikipedia)
2. The constitution
3. Political texts
4. Can be ideas
5. Science

Critical Questions for Galileo.


Peripatetic is another word for Aristotelian.
Ipse dixit = Latin for “having said so”
Primum mobile = first, or prime, mover

Note that this is an excerpted text: some of the arguments that seem missing are covered, thoroughly, in the full book.
• 1632, written by Galileo in Italian (usually written in Latin), wants to make point to common people
• 17th century, unbounded nature of knowledge

1. Who speaks for whom in the dialogue?
a. Salviati-Galileo
b. Sagredo “sacred” (comes from word for blood)- on Galileo’s side
c. Simplicio “Simplistic, simple minded”- Aristotle, believes in Aristotle more so than actually him

2. How does Simplicio invoke the argument by authority (source)?
a. Anything Aristotle says is true, simply because he said so

3. What is the point of the argument about the nerves on page 63? What kind of argument is it?
a. Nerves originate in head, because of anatomy
b. Aristotle believes they originate in the heart
c. Actually cut someone open in Amphitheater
d. Still, someone says they don’t believe it because Aristotle believes otherwise
e. ARGUMENT BY ANALOGY (could be SOURCE as well)- relevantly similar to the actual model of the universe

4. What is the point of the arguments about the alphabet and painter’s palette on pages 64 and 65? What kind of arguments are they?
a. Bad to look at Aristotle’s book and expecting to find everything
b. Alphabet is the building blocks for larger thoughts, same with paints and paintings
c. ARGUMENT BY ANALOGY (could be EXAMPLE as well)

5. How does the invention of the telescope come up on page 65?
a. Simplicio claims that…...

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