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To Understand Islam and how it is being practiced and envisioned in the East and the West, we must know Prophet Muhammad’s personality and his beliefs. The foundation of his message was the belief in the unity the only one God. “And there is none that could be comparable unto Him” (Quran QXP 112:4). The West is an established civilization with a hierarchy of government that the majority of citizens trust to represent their ideas and wishes. However, the Muslim nations are not democratic, and most, if not all, are authoritarian and not representative of Islam. For this reason and among others, teaching’s of Islam is practiced differently in different countries and cultures, especially the in the East vs the West. We must also consider culture and how it influences the practice of laws of Islam. For example, women wear different forms of burka in different regions of the world, such as the one in Saudi Arabia, and this by itself represents repression of women to the eyes of others and thought of as strict laws of Islam. In fact, the burka has been worn 1000’s year before Islam was founded. Therefore, culture and politics has be separated from the practice of Islam in order to understand the true meaning of the religion.
One of the main factors that adds to having a different image of Islam is that many do not understand the differences and similarities between Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are monotheistic religions and they all started and expanded in the Middle East. These are the four major religions that claim to have their own book which is the exact word of the only God that they have in common. These religions have much in common as well as differences. For example, Jesus Christ is the "Messiah" (meaning "Christ" and "Anointed One") who is a descendant of Moses whom delivered Torah "Old Testament" to the Jews. In contrast…...

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