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According to the article “ Multiple intelligences and emotional intelligence”, both theories of Gardner and Goleman influence education. For example, the portfolio approach is implemented in school in order to assess students’ intelligences rather than identify their intelligences only from test scores.
Suppose I am a sales manager. The skill that is crucial for this career and I would like to mostly encourage my team is interpersonal intelligence. The lesson that I will provide to team is “Interpersonal skill workshop.” First, I will invite a psychologist to educate how to analyze people’s mood and how to deal with those people in order to achieve selling’s goal. Another part is case discussion which my teams have to propose how to deal with problems that typically found in real life. After this workshop, the follow-up program will be applied. My teams have to share their experiences when dealing with customers in monthly meeting. I believe that interpersonal skill will be enhanced by this program. The result from the survey is I have considerable skills and talents. Also, I am good at Kinesthetic and Interpersonal skills, but I am not a person who focuses on natural, musical, and verbal skills. I think the scores can reflect my abilities, but it is not exactly. Because the questions in the first survey is too broad and there are only five questions, the result could be deferent from the fact. The survey should be more specific, so the result will be more reliable. For the second survey, there are more questions but I do not it is enough to evaluate intelligences. The efficient survey should be a combination of a paper survey and an interview by experts. However, from this survey I will focus on having multiple intelligences because it is beneficial in different situations. If I have children, I will encourage them to have musical and verbal strengths because…...

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