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Jacob Flores Introduction Speech
* Who in this room has pride in their nationality? * Most people know that Spanish people are very prideful and like to represent their nationality whenever the chance arises. * If you haven’t already guessed I’m Spanish. * I’m 100% Puerto Rican and I’m very proud of that. * I love my culture because I feel like its very unique. * It has elements of European Spanish, African, and Taino Indian, which were the first inhabitants of Puerto Rico. * That alone makes us a very diverse culture. (Talk about how Puerto Ricans come in all colors) * Being Puerto Rican I feel like I can identify myself by two things, food and my favorite sport, boxing.
* The object I chose to represent my culture is this bottle of Adobo. * (If there is Adobo in the cabinets then you’re in a Spanish household) * For those of you that don’t know Adobo is a type of seasoning that is used frequently by Puerto Ricans when cooking meats and seafood. * Pork Chops, which is one of my favorite foods is seasoned with Adobo and if cooked right they taste amazing. * Pork Chops with rice and beans is a traditional Puerto Rican dinner and it’s usually what I have for dinner when I’m home. * Another one of my favorite foods is tostones, which are fried smashed plantains. (Taste really good when dipped in garlic sauce) * Pernil is also a tasty traditional Puerto Rican meal. (Tasty pork, Usually eaten on holidays or special events)
Second Topic- * As much as Puerto Ricans love food, they love the sport of boxing just as much. * Talk about being little/Family boxing parties/equivalent to super bowl parties * Favorite boxer = Miguel Cotto (Puerto Rican) = Hero to me as well as many other Puerto Ricans. * First time Cotto lost a fight ~> me crying like a baby * Dreams of being a…...

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...Journal #1 My speech wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, but it could have been better if I put more time into getting more information from my partner. The body paragraphs needed to give more information and go into more detail. Although it wasn’t that bad of a speech giving the thought that we met up for about thirty minutes. Back in high school when someone was giving a speech, we, the audience always tried to make them laugh, or simply just didn’t pay attention to the speaker and did something else. Now the audience was paying attention and being respectful which calmed me down when giving my speech. As the speaker I needed to be more enthusiastic while giving my speech, because how is the audience going to be interested if I don’t even seem interested. I noticed very few people glancing at their phones or just with a blank look in their face; this made me relax a little more for some reason. Even though I could have had more information and gone more into detail, my speech did flow from the thesis statement to my conclusion paragraph. I was getting more nervous as the names kept getting closer to mine, once my partner Aldo, brought me up when he gave his speech, which calmed my nervousness down a bit because it wasn’t that bad being in front of the class and having everyone’s eyes looking at you. Once my turn came to speak, I took deep breaths as I made my way to the front of the classroom, and once there I paused, and took one last deep breath, and......

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...Homework: persuasive Speech Self-Assessment May 3, 2014 The topic nursing was appropriate for my audience. Even though the majority of my audience. My specific purpose in the speech was to persuade my audience about the benefits of nursing and the choices in career path that they can choose. I feel that it was achieved successfully in the amount of time I had. Additionally, my thesis statement was also clearly which I am sure we can all relate to that you will never forget the way someone makes you feel even if you forget their names clearly stated. The speech was well organized from beginning to end. The major functions of the speech introduction were accomplished by initially getting the attention of the audience although The conclusion reinforced the audience’s understanding of the information presented and was tied to the central idea of the benefits of nursing Adequate research was conducted. There were four APA citations. All language presented was pronounced correctly and non-technical terms were used for overall understanding. The presentation of my speech was not rushed. However, somewhere along my notes my cards were mixed up, however I continued and just diverted to the card I should be reading from. It was a bit difficult to maintain my concentration but I kept the flow. This is evident in the review of my speech where I can be seen looking at my notes. Appropriate pauses, pitch, tone and rate were used throughout my speech. This was evident during...

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...Speech 1 “A Time for Choosing” by Ronald Reagan 1. Ronald Reagan gained the audience attention by his opening statement “ I’ve been permitted to choose my own words and ideas” 2. The topic was A Time for Choosing, it was a presidential candidate speech concerning the upcoming election which was going to be held in a few week. It explained his standpoint and views on the hot topics such as the war and the economy 3. Ronald Regan stated that he once was a democrat but felt that the issues facing the nation required him to cross the line. He is quoted as saying” those who have the most have did the least to prevent it from happening”. He stated that freedom is fragile. The government doesn’t control things without controlling people. 4. Ronald Regan was an excellent speaker. His speech flowed well. There were times he used jokes to lighten the mood as well as a way to relate to the listeners. When he was making appoint his voice became more stern and serious. 5. He transitioned into his conclusion by quoting Alexander Hamilton 6. I feel he did well by using stories; for example, the story about the Cuban who said that he had a place to go for freedom, but we as Americans have no place else to go for peace 7. The only improvements I think should have been made would have been not using the names of people for joke examples Speech 2 “Acres of Diamonds” by Russell H Conwell 1. The speaker got the audience attention by the tone of speech and he......

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...Intro Speech There isn’t a lot I can say to summarize my life or the things that are most important to me because I have so many people, things, and memories that mean absolutely everything. I have no visuals today because the three things I deem important enough to talk about can be given justice by simply showing you a picture. My family has my heart day in and day out simply because of their unconditional love and support for me. I have two siblings that I would absolutely die for in any circumstance. I proritize them at the top of my pecking order besides my religion. I’m a keen sports lover and you won’t find a bigger Dallas Cowboy fan the guy you are looking at right now, I relish the Cowboys and yes, we always believer we’re going to win the Super Bowl every year. For no real reason really other than we are the Cowboys. My friends have a huge impact in my demeanor towards a lot of things in life, they help make me, me. It’s too complicated to express how behind I would be in this life if it wasn’t for the people who I have met and engaged with in my lifetime. My parents are divorced, I think I’ve already gained my freshman 15, I have bad problems of waking up for 8 AM classes, my car sucks, and I owe money for rent.If it was up to me I’d probably tell you I’m just your everyday American I suppose, learning to live day by day. This will be my second semester at Western, I have really enjoyed my time here so far. I attended the University of......

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...Intro: Why am I here Medical Aspect of TS: Connect with audience- question: Who knows what Tourette’s is? personalize Brief description of TS and symptoms Mild to severe Description of causes TS and genetics Include studies Methods of diagnosis Related disorders OCD ADHD * Social Aspect of TS: Challenges TS cause Reality and perception of TS Why do people with TS use slurs? TS and making friends Living successful with TS Not curable, just treatable Natural remission Cases of famous people with TS Conclusion: Reiterate the challenges and underline the resolutions to TS TS can be overcome Hello, my name is Ramon. Today, I will be speaking about Tourette Syndrome or TS, for short. * Before I start going into this, how many of you know or have an idea of what TS is? Raise your hand if you do. For those of you who don’t know what it is, TS is a neurological disorder characterized by involuntary motor and/or vocal tics such as eye blinking, throat clearing, sniffing, or even head jerking. * On a side note, if any of you notice me doing any of the mentioned tics, it’s because I myself am diagnosed with TS ever I was 12. Both types of TS often range from mild to severe. Studies show that TS is inherited only 50% of the time. The gene is carried by the parent, but that doesn’t mean that the parent has it as well. Most often, the TS gene skips a generation. * This means that anyone who has TS may have received it due to his/her......

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