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Chapter 1: Although forces in the foreign environment are the same as those in the domestic environment, they operate differently. Why is this so?
According to the text, the “forces have different values, forces can be difficult to assess, and the forces are interrelated” (Ball, D. A., International business: The challenge of global competition, pg.24). For example, the expo embargo on shipments off most goods to Cuba showed just how stiff the consequences can be for two or more entities who do not share the same values. This lack of compromise by both parties’ leads to less trade and even less communication as the sides continues to take a stance for what they believe is politically correct. Another barrier in domestic and foreign relations is the ability to assess the forces on both sides of the fence. For example, if a nationalistic law was passed in order to appeal to a specific group, other individuals from the outside looking in may look at the government as being in opposition of foreign investment. This clouded interpretation of the situation may trigger a political outcry, which can slow the process of change and prevent two foreign entities from trading with one another. The last factor or barrier between foreign and domestic environments is the interrelation of the forces. For example, the combination of high-cost capital and an abundance of unskilled labor in many developing countries may lead to the use of a lower level of technology than would be employed in a more industrialized nation. Other factors could geographical such as, re-routing a river, blasting a mountain side, building roads in the dessert, preservation of certain pieces of land, etc.

Ball, D. A. (2010). International business: The challenge of global competition. Boston: McGraw-Hill Irwin.

Chapter 3: Criticism of international institutions such as the UN or the EU…...

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