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Internet Research or Library Research

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Internet Research or Library Research

Does internet research promote laziness or does it save time? Judith Levine’s article I Surf, Therefore I Am would suggest that the internet is full of garbage and is a useless tool. While reading books, magazines, and newspapers are still available they do come at a cost. However, in the right hands the internet can be a treasure chest full of valuable information.

Internet Research or Library Research Where do you go when you have a research paper due? Do you spend countless hours at the neighborhood library combing through endless rows of dusty books or do you go to your personal computer, open up the internet and go to your trusty internet search engine? Like most people today, I would prefer spending my research time at home surfing the World Wide Web for my results. Not only is this a better use of my time as I am sure is the case for many other students, but unlike those that live in large cities I do not have local access to a state of the art library facility. In addition to the internet providing information literally at your fingertips, it also provides instant access to needed information. Unlike Levine, many people do not have access to library facilities as well provided for as the NY Science, Industry, & Business Library. Like myself, there are many who live in small towns with libraries that very frequently do not have the latest best sellers never mind them having adequate material required for an in-depth research paper. Therefore, what should one to do when a job needs to be completed, you work with the tools you have as best you can. This may take a bit more effort, but if you do not put in the effort, you cannot expect to succeed. With respect to Levine’s claim, “Most of the data students Net is like trash fish” (p. 223) I have to disagree. With the slightest bit of…...

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