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India’s Poem Book!

By: India Wilkins

Table of Contents

1. Ode

Ode To Love <3
Meeting you, Opened a new world in me.

a world that without you I might never see

love...never thought it would be worth being a member.

Yet a fondness ignited, like a burning ember.

A night to remember with all my might.

Your beautys got me twisted and I'm high as a kite.

We partied until morning sun shown.

You left me with a feeling like I had just flown.

Ode TO The Children Of the night

Goblins and ghouls, we are.
Behind the paint,
Beneath the scars.
We tread the night,
Nocturne calls

Kitten Limerick

There once was a very cute kitten,
Who liked to sleep in a mitten.
As she slept the dog licked her,
But this didn’t quite fit her
So she climbed out as if she’d been bitten.

The Gothic Ballad
I walk carelessly down the dark road
My heavy black boots constantly clicking
Clicking on the cold cement
My long black and velvet Trench coat
Billowing in the slight breeze
My Chest slightly rising under my tight corset
My chains on my pants jingling together
As I walk down this Moonlit road
Staring up at the midnight moon
This is the ballad
The ballad of the lost
Of the silent warriors
Of the people you pass by and call freaks
Of the people
Who will save your soul
For our souls are pure
Our souls sing this ballad
The ballad of the night
The ballad of the pure hearts

Something is wrong
Something is wrong
But I don't know what.
With in my life
With in my way's.

Something is missing
Is it my heart
Who ruin my night
Who ruins my day's

I passing my night
By counting the stars
I wishing you
With in dream's
With in my pray's

Something is wrong
Is it that time
Or is it my words
Which blackened the paper
And think himself a lay

So just give back…...

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...throw the door open to our writing community in the hopes that we might compile a periodical worth reading, every now and then. HOBO PANCAKES. Founded by two Bay Area comedians (Femikaze‘s Kelly Anneken and Isa Hopkins), HOBO PANCAKES exists as a forum for humor of all types: from highbrow to fart jokes, slapstick to absurdism, we welcome wordplay (and alliteration!) in all its various forms of hilarity. The topics are serious, but the interpretations? They are as delightfully whackadoo as our readers. INKY SQUIB MAGAZINE is a collective for artists, writers, photographers and film makers. Every 6 weeks we give our team of word hogs a new theme to immerse themselves into. The finishing result is a super unique, super polished package of verbal, visual and written art for the reader to feast upon. Its free of social influence, its free of media twisting and, most importantly, its free. We are always open for submissions. Please go to the top of the home page for details. Inky is the diving board for which you test your fancy new moves. Byo swimmers. KUGELMASS is funny. Kugelmass is stories. It is essays. It is poetry. For essays and stories, Kugelmass is 1,000 words or 4,000 words or any count in between. Except 3,258. It can go to hell. For poetry, form and length are open. LOWESTOFT CHRONICLE is an online literary magazine, published quarterly, accepting flash fiction, short stories, poetry, and creative non-fiction. Preference is given to humorous submissions with......

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