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Improved Integration of Technology into Lesson Plans Delondria Catrice Randolph Ashford University Dr. Sheila Thomas January 28, 2013

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Improved Integration of Technology into Lesson Plans Teachers regularly search for new techniques to implement in the classroom to better meet the needs of our students. Educators make a commitment to learning by constantly striving to improve their abilities in subject matter and educational technology. With the increased accessibility of computer technology and Internet resources there is an even greater avenue for instruction. Learning institutions have placed great emphasis on the use of technology as a teaching and learning tool in the classrooms because technology motivates teachers and students to work together as they develop ideas on how to improve the teaching and learning process (Bednar & Sweeder, 2005). Teachers must identify the needs of their students by assessing, planning, implementing classroom instruction through the use of technology. I selected this topic because the educational system in America is slipping and as instructors we must develop innovative ways to teach our students so that they can retain the information that is being taught to them. It is important to note that integrating technology into classroom lesson plans means more than teaching basic computer skills and software programs. To successfully integrate technology in the classrooms means that integration must happen across the curriculum in every school system across the United States so that every student can benefit. The four key components of learning is active engagement, participation in groups, frequent interaction and feedback, and connection to real-world experts (Bednar & Sweeder, 2005). Effective…...

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