Impact of Service Charter on Business Performance

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Total Quality Management Vol. 21, No. 9, September 2010, 953 –969

Barriers and benefits of quality management in the construction industry: An empirical study
Peter Hoonakkera∗ , Pascale Carayona,b and Todd Loushinec a Center for Quality and Productivity Improvement (CQPI), University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, USA; bDepartment of Industrial and Systems Engineering University of WisconsinMadison, Madison, USA; cDepartment of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering University of Minnesota-Duluth, Duluth, USA

In this paper we discuss the problems of defining quality in the construction industry, examine possible benefits of implementing quality, and look at barriers to quality implementation in construction. We use data collected during interviews with contractors and data from questionnaire surveys. Results show that contractors do understand the potential benefits of quality implementation but that there are also many barriers to implementation. We describe recent developments that might help to overcome the barriers. However, the different actors in construction need to understand that change is a slow and often painful process and that much effort is required to implement quality in construction industry. Keywords: quality management; construction industry; interview; survey

Introduction During the past decades the construction industry has been criticised for its poor performance and productivity in relation to other industries (Alarcon & Ashley, 1992; Forbes, 1993; Kanji & Wong, 1998; Loushine, Hoonakker, Carayon, & Smith, 2006; Nesan & Holt, 1999; Oglesby, Parker, & Howell, 1989). Many of the management practices used to support construction organisations are being challenged. The industry’s clients are moving forward. Clients demand improved service quality, faster building and innovations in technology. It is no accident that the construction industry…...

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