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Test 6

35 36

Are there any special times I should use the?
1 Tick the correct sentence in each pair.

19 20 21

How do I make a verb passive? When do I use the passive? What is register? 37

a b a b

In the USA this situation In USA this situation

is totally


is totally different in Britain in 1976. in Britain in 1976.


The table shows number Ot people working

Test 7


The table shows the number or people working

We use the

23 24

Adjectives and adverbs Noun or adjective? 41


• with countries or places where the name refers to a group of islands or states: the United States, the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates, the UK 42 • • • • •

Verb confusion 1 - courses and study

Test 8


with superlatives: the best, the longest, the highest with cardinal numbers: the first, the second, the third when there is only one in the world: the environment, the internet, the sun to refer to the only one in this particular area: the government, the police, the river in the phrase: the same as

25 26

Verb confusion 2 - describing charts and figures Verb confusion 3 - money and problems Noun confusion 1 - money and work 47 46

We don't use the • with a single country or place: America, England, China • to talk about something in general. We use the plural if we are talking about something in general; we use the to identify one specific example. Compare: People with reading difficulties often have problems with numbers. The number eight is considered lucky in some countries.

Test 9



Noun confusion 2 - advertising, travel and young people When do I need to use an apostrophe? Common spelling errors 52 51

2 Correct the mistake below.


Test 10


Your hairstyle is

Answer key


3 Complete the sentences below using the words in brackets. Decide whether or not to use the, or whether to use the plural.
1 The main advantage of is that it gives us access to information from all over the world. (internet) 2 My father has fished in all over Australia. (river) 3 Life in is very different from life in my country. (America) 4 According to the graph, of people moving into the city each year has more than doubled. (number) as the total figure for 1982. (same) 5 The total figure for 1976 was than in my country. (USA) 6 Obesity is much more common in increase occurred in 1999. (greatest) 7 The graph shows that 8 travels around at a speed of 3,700 kilometres per hour. (moon, earth)


Singular or plural?
1 Tick the correct sentence in each pair.
1 a There are several problem with this idea, b There are several problems with this idea, 2 a Many charity organisations provide a great deal of help, b Many charity organisation provides a great deal of

Which nouns don't have a plural form?
1 Tick the correct sentence in each pair.
1 a I don't have manytime to complete my assignment b I don't have muchtime to complete myassignment 2 a WhenI did a search on mycomputer. I could only rind a few inrormations about the topic. b WhenI did a search on my computer. I could only rind a little inrormation about the

If you use a plural noun, you must use a plural verb. The verb must 'agree' with the noun: In my country there are very few cars that use leaded petrol. (plural verb + plural noun) I like studying during the day but my friend prefers studying at night. (singular noun + singular verb) We use a plural noun with: • plural verbs: are, were, have, do, play, etc.: There are a lot of books on the table. • numbers greater than one: 30 cars, 100 students • many: It is annoying that so many buses drive past because they are full. • the number of The number of buses on our roads has increased each year. -(:{Note that we use a plural noun but a singular verb after the number of We use a singular noun with: • singular verbs: is, was, has, does, plays, etc.: There is only one bedroom in the fiat. • a/an or one: a car, one student -(:{Note that some nouns can look plural but are singular (news, mathematics) and some nouns have a different form in the plural (children, men, women, people). 2 Correct the mistake below.
The number studying increased last year. of IVoman

Some nouns in English are 'uncountable'. This means they do not have a plural form. Some common uncountable nouns are: advice, advertising, food, furniture, garbage, information, knowledge, money, shopping, time, traffic, travel. With uncountable nouns, you must use: • the singular form: food, information, money • a little / amount of / much / some: How much money do you have? The amount of traffic on the roads is increasing each year. • a singular verb: There was already a little furniture in the fiat. If a noun is uncountable, you cannot use: • a plural.form: -£l£lWees, furnitures, garbage-s, informatioNs, knowledges • a/an: an ad~'ice, a garbage, a knowledge • a few / many / number of: a few shopping, many traffic, the number of knewlcdge • a number: three tra~'C!s, four furniture • a plural verb: There were alirtle furniture in the fiat. -(:{ you want to add a number to an uncountable noun, you can use a piece of / If some / a few pieces of a piece of advice, three pieces of furniture, a few pieces of garbage 2 Correct the mistake below.

science dramati call y

The we produce is increasing. 3 Correct the mistakes in these sentences. There may be more than one mistake in each sentence.

The number of

dramatically last year.

3 Underline the correct word in each sentence.

1 The childs / children are playing in the street.
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 The number of men / man studying science has decreased. There are a lot of persons / people in my class. I enjoyed studying mathematics a lot; I found it / them very interesting. The news were / was very upsetting. How many classes / class do you have today? A person / people I really admire is my uncle. My father watch / watches a lot of sport on TV: 6

1 My tutor was very helpful; he gave me one very good advice about how to study.
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 I was surprised by the number of times it took us to reach the castle. You need a great deal of knowledges to become a doctor. The informations we were given by the tour guide were not very helpful. When we visited the park, we were upset to see so many garb ages left there. We arrived late because there were so many traffic on the road. I can't wait to visit the market and do a few shopping. The furnitures in the hotel room were quite old but they were very comfortable.


3 Look at the following advertisement the phrases in the box. 1 Underline the correct word or phrase in the following sentences.

and fill in the gap in each question using one of

1 The garbage is / are collected every Tuesday.
2 Advertising in the school newsletter is / are a waste of time. 3 A lot of food in restaurants is / are thrown away every day. 4 Many idea / ideas for new products never reach the manufacturing stage. 5 My sister gave me lots of advice / advices that was / were very useful. 6 Over three hundred student / students signed the petition for a new study area. 7 There are a lot of similarity / similarities between your country and mine. 8 There is / are more women on my course than men. . ----_._- .. ----~""_ .. -------- Zealand . .... internet Australia Faroe Kingdom SwedenSouth Malta 75.527 64.709 62.209 IcelandIslands Number of 67.406 accessing the per 100,000 people 76.027 Finland 62.914 Greenland New in 75.539 79.306 68.140 4 Korea, United people 2 Countrythe gaps using 64.925 the words from the box. Decide whether you need to Fill one of add the. I


How many

How much



Is there

Are there


Room for rent in share house close to bus. Must help to pay bills (electricity, etc.). For more details phone: 3768900

2 3 4

food included in the rent? a lot of traffic in the area? any other transport nearby? does the electricity usually cost? any pets in the house? money will I need to pay each week? people are living in the house? a lot of furniture in the room?

6 7

_--_----, _

__ ...... _~


Fill in the blanks using a word from the box. Make any changes necessary. advice bird child company house person plastic transport

1 The travel agency was hopeless; they didn't even give us one useful 2 The number of new being built in our area has doubled. 3 Most large operate on a global scale nowadays. 4 Many believe that globalisation has both advantages and disadvantages . 5 Today, in my country, school-age do not exercise as much as in the past. 6 The blades of the fan are made of 7 There are several kinds of in my home town but my favourite is the ferry . 8 There has been an increase in the number of native this year. 5 Correct the 14 mistakes in the text below. Faroe Islands internet same Sweden table largest list United Kingdom Malta number one United States world The globalisation has had an enormous impact on many part of the world. Nowadays, even in some of most remote parts of world, we can connect to internet and conduct business. However, they is advantage and disadvantage to this. One disadvantages, for example, is that the local culture and language can be affected. It can also mean that local businesses has to reduce their prices to compete with bigger overseas companies. However, there are advantages; for example, globalisation can bring more business to a small area, which is good for the local economy. It may also help to stop young person moving away from more remote area. If a young person have the chance to run a business and be successful no matter where he or she lives, then perhaps more people will choose to stay in these smaller communities. It also means that news from around the world are available to everyone, and this can also reduce the feeling of isolation.

killed by cats

(1). shows the top ten countries in terms of internet usage. (2) country is New Zealand, which has (3) number of intern et users. (4) is at the bottom of (5) Surprisingly, (6) does not feature in the top ten at all. However, a little-known group of islands called (7). is ranked fifth in (8) (9) . and (l0) are ranked third and fourth. Both have almost (Il) number of users, with over 75,500 people per 100,000 accessing (12) .


When do I use the present simple tense?
1 Choose the correct sentence in each pair.
1 a Nowadaf:Js, or bodies becoming 'old' mochlater than 100 f:Jearsago. o b NowadafJs,oor bodies become 'old' mochlater than 100 f:Jearsago. 2 a Children lost their freedom if thef:J have too manuresponsibilities. b Children lose their freedom if theU have too manuresponsibilities,

How do I write large numbers?
1 Tick the correct sentence in each pair.
1 a b 2 a b The government spent ten millionsdollars on edocation last uear. The government spent ten milliondollars on edocation last uear. There were thoosands of people at the football match, There were a thoo50nd of people at the football match,

We use the present simple tense: • to make general statements about our world: The earth moves around the sun. • to show a pattern or general truth: People work in order to meet their basic needs. • with adverbs offrequency: always, usually, often, sometimes, never: People who are too lazy to walk often use their cars instead. • with expressions such as: nowadays, these days, today (with a general meaning): Many students today do their research via computer rather than through books. • for verbs showing opinions or feelings, e.g. believe, think, hope: I think that we should all do as much as we can to improve our environment. We form the present simple tense with the base form of the verb. We add s or es to form the 3rd person singular: I play I watch you play you watch he/she/it plays he/she/it watches we play we watch you play you watch they play they watch 2

When we talk about a specific large number, we do not add s to the number: 200,000 = two hundred thousand (not two ,'1ul'ldl'edthous{1l'l{is) 10,000,000 = ten million (not'lmillions) The noun that follows is always plural: There must have been at least three thousand students at the protest. We use the plural form of large numbers + of to give an approximate idea of how many: There must have been thousands of students at the protest. We can use a instead of one. One is more formal: If I won a million dollars, I would probably take a year off and travel around the world. The president promised to increase the health budget by one million dollars. ~ We usually use numerals for numbers that cannot be written in one or two words: More than two million people attended last year. but: 2,001,967 people attended last year. You should write fractions in words: half a (million); a/one third of a (million); three quarters of a (million); one and a quarter (million); one and three quarter (million): According to the chart, in 2004 over half a million Ukranians went to the cinema.
2 Correct the mistake below.
A thousands of people came to see the royal wedding.

came to see the royal wedding. My brother 3 Underline the correct number in the sentences below. 3 Correct the mistakes in the sentences below.

1 The skeleton had remained hidden for a thousands / thousands of years.

1 People should act according to what they are believing.
2 3 4 5 6 7 8


2 The chart shows that three hundreds / three hundred whales were seen here in 1990. 3 Three and a half billion / three and a half of a billion will watch the ceremony. 4 I pay six hundred dollars / six hundred dollar rent each month. 5 Real estate in my city is very expensive; a small house can cost three quarter of a million / three quarters of a million dollars. 6 A million of / Millions of dollars are spent on space exploration each year. 7 By 2005, more than six hundred / six hundreds of children were enrolled in the school. 8 The company has sold one and a half billions / one and a half billion computers so far.

In general, I think our government spent too much money on space trarel. Nowadays, many people in my country have sent their children to single-sex schools. These days, more and more people travelling to very distant places for their holidays. I am hoping it is not too late to save the environment. The female hen laying on average 5 or 6 eggs per week. Younger drivers is more likely to be involved in a car accident. Most doctors are agreeing that the only way to lose weight is by doing more exercise. 10


There is / there are
1 Tick the correct sentence in each pair. 1 a b 2 a b It is a lovelypark near my house. There is a lovelypark near my house. There have veru good restaurants and shops on board the There are very good restaurants and shops on board the 1 Fill in the gaps with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. Examiner: Candidate: Can you describe a typical morning at your house? (get up) first because he Well, my father always (1) (2) (start) work at 7 o'clock. The traffic (3) (be) very bad in my city so he (4) (have) to leave at 6 o'clock. Before he (5) (leave), he (6) (wake) my brother and me up. I (7) (get up) straight away but my brother (8) (prefer) to sleep as long as he can, and he (catch) the last bus to school. My mother (make) our breakfast while I (11) (get (leave) for school at about 7.30. dressed), then 1(12)

We use there to say that something exists. We use there is with a singular subject and there are with a plural subject: There is an oak tree in my garden. (not It is an oa.letree or There hab'e an oa!e tree) There are some great movies on at the cinema. (not They are some gr-catmeL'ies) We use there is and there are to give new information. We use it is or they are to talk about something that has already been referred to. Compare: There is a present for you on the table. (the first time the present has been mentioned) Mary: What is that you're carrying? John: It's a present for my sister. (it = what John is carrying) 4 2 $35,000 $3,500,000 5 $305 3 $35 We do not use the auxiliary verb do to form questions and negatives with there is and there are:Are there any clean glasses in the cupboard? There isn't a map in the car. {;:{There cannot be left out: There is a pan of soup and there are some bowls in the kitchen. (not There is a pan of soup and are seme howls in the kitchen.)
2 Correct the mistake below.
Before they built the supermarket, there had a lot more little shops in the high street.

nearly always (9)

2 Match each amount (1-5) with its correct written equivalent (a-i). You'll need to read the words carefully. c three hundreds and five dollar i e three millions three hundred and a thrity-five dollarsandfive hundred thousands dollars g thirty-five 1 $305,000 dollars five dollars hundred and five thousand dollars b three five thousands dollars f thirty-five thousand dollars d h thirty and a half million dollars


3 Find 12 mistakes in the essay below and correct them.

I - .._ ':/_

···--t· .. ··



- -


--- -


Before they built the supermarket, 3 Correct the mistakes in the sentences below.

\ in the high street.

[~~t~~5:±~~~~~~~~E~:;~ V
._.D@:4...tQiillP-Qr±.. wh ii::bQ,J;;Q cJ,I,!,.Q?Q; L ..L. fiLP-ri(~ .. Q.f_.£~~2tLfQO i.D..b§_;;bQP-2.l-if~ ~ri.. .. t .

r~ IJ.A~~r



I...... ..~i::Q.\Jo..lliQD? ...Y.§ry..O"j.££icl,!,.lt.Q,t.jj~2 ...W\JQ,.Li2 mQr~J ... ..@,oy_£Q,.r~r2 '"..Q,.r.
..lbo,.±.jb§y_4.g.XJQLr~~ly~..Q.._.. Q,.ir.p-r~(:';_fQLtb§it..... £ . p-tQ.Md'5-' ... Q,r~~ . W~..

1 In developed countries there is many possible solutions to this problem .
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 There no clear trend in the data shown in graph 1. There is no electricity and are no factories in this area. Fortunately, they are still a lot of good people in the world . It is a very small village so there don't have any large supermarkets. In the first chart, it is a large gap between the cost of living and salaries earned . In 1990 there was 3 million people working in this industry. How much work there is to do?

.±Q.... .fibr~r;; ... ±Q . ..'Stiby..i'O ..±bi2...,oQ,I,!,.'STIY, i ... Q.@Q.Q,.Y21 .. ;;I,!,.p-gtm…...

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Preparation for Ielts R oad, Thanh Xu an B ac, Thanh Xu an Di st ric t, Han oi – V iet n am T el: 04. 3854 4338, webs it e: www . hanu. edu. vn Foundation Studies Department Room 207 Building C ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IELTS Cấp độ 1 (Tiền IELTS) * Mục tiêu: - Khoá học được thiết kế nhằm mục đích giúp người học: - Nắm được cấu trúc và yêu cầu của bài thi IELTS - Nắm vững ngữ pháp và mở rộng vốn từ vựng tiếng Anh để làm bước đệm vững chắc cho các khóa luyện IELTS sau này - Luyện kỹ năng đặt câu, viết câu, viết đoạn và nắm vững cấu trúc của bài viết luận - Phát triển các kỹ năng đọc và nghe cơ bản - Sử dụng một cách hiệu quả kiến thức ngữ pháp, từ vựng cơ bản và các kỹ năng tiếng trong giao tiếp hàng ngày và trong môi trường học thuật. - Đạt được ≤ 5.0 IELTS. * Đối tượng học viên: Khóa học này phù hợp với những học viên: - Có vốn ngữ pháp và từ vựng ở trình dưới trung cấp - Kỹ năng nghe, nói, đọc và viết ở trình độ dưới trung cấp, chưa đủ để theo các khóa học IELTS - Muốn phát triển vốn ngữ pháp, lượng từ vựng và các kỹ năng để theo học các khóa học luyện thi IELTS. + Giáo viên. Đội ngũ giáo viên giỏi, giàu kinh nghiệm và tận tâm của trường Đại học Hà Nôị. Hầu hết các giáo viên đã tốt nghiệp bằng Thạc sỹ và Tiến sỹ ở các trường đại học danh tiếng ở các nước như Anh, Mỹ, Úc. Với khả năng tiếng Anh tốt đã được trau dồi ở môi trường nói tiếng Anh và phương pháp giảng dạy tiên......

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...Listening Information about the test © The British Council 2012. All rights reserved. The listening test The basics The listening test has four sections. You have 40 questions to answer in total and there are ten questions in each section. All questions are equally important: you get one mark for each correct answer, which makes 40 marks in total. The listening test lasts for 40 minutes. This includes ten minutes to copy your answers onto the answer sheet. Each section is played once only. IELTS recordings may include a range of world English varieties, including British, Australian, New Zealand and North American. Section 1 2 3 4 Focus A conversation in an everyday social situation, e.g. two colleagues in the office or a customer and staff member in a department store One person speaking in an everyday social situation A conversation between two or more people in an educational or training context, e.g. tutorial or seminar A lecture or talk on a topic of general academic interest Number of Questions 10 10 10 10 What kind of tasks to expect Expect to find a variety of task types and answer formats. Here are examples of the main task types:        Forms Multiple choice Short-answer questions Flow-chart completion Sentence completion Table completion Labeling a diagram, plan or map You might also find summary, notes completion and matching tasks. These question types might appear in any of the four sections. And remember, not all question types appear in...

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...雅思精品班写作讲义 IELTS Copyright Reserved 2009-9-24 Task 1 (A) • Openings 1. The graph(s) and chart(s) and table(s) , based on …( 调 查 研 究 ), illustrate/display/unfolds a clear picture of …(主要内容) in …(地方/方面) between … and …(时间) 2. As is reflected/revealed/shown/illustrated in the graphs, the number/percentages surged/subsided/fluctuated/differed of …surged/subsided/fluctuated/differed dramatically/gently + 时间 Eg. 1. This bar chart displays the number of men and women enrolled in future education in Britain during three periods. 2. It is immediately apparent from the diagram that in 1970 the professions in Malaysia were almost totally dominated by men. 3. As is revealed in the diagram, the number of hours per week spent on unpaid work is unequally distributed between men and women. 4. A glance at four indicators of economic and social conditions in four countries, Canada, Japan, Peru and Netherlands, in 2001 reflects the great differences that exist between wealthier and poorer nations. 时间的描述 Patterns In + 月份/年/年代 For/during + 时间段 Over the period … to … From…to…/between…and… At the end of the year/century Until… Before/after/around/about � � � � Examples In 1980s In the period between … and … During the first/second half of the year During the remainder of the year Over a ten year period/ over a decade Throughout the 19th century From 1980 onwards till… Endings Endings From the diagram it can be safely concluded that_________. As a whole/In general/To sum up/In conclusion/In......

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Ielts Writing

...How to prepare for IELTS - Writing Contents Page Details of the writing test Task 1 Bar and line graphs, pie charts & tables Process or flow charts Objects/how something works How to prepare for Task 1 Task 2 Questions How to prepare for Task 2 General tips for writing 2 2 4 7 9 10 13 14 17 19 Make sure you have a copy of the How to prepare for IELTS – FAQs booklet in addition to this booklet. 1 How to prepare for IELTS - Writing Details of the Writing Test Procedure of the test The writing test is the third test you do on the test day. You have 60 minutes for this test. There are two tasks or parts to do. You will be given a card with the two tasks – one task on each side of the card. You can make notes or write your plans on the card but it will not be seen by the examiner. You will also be given an answer booklet. You have to write your essays in the answer booklet. Notes are not acceptable and essays under the word limit will be penalized. How to prepare for IELTS - Writing Length & Timing You have to write at least 150 words. You are advised to spend 20 minutes on this task. Marking The Tasks This task tests your ability to perform one or more of the following functions in English: describe and interpret graphic data describe the stages of a process or procedure describe an object or event or sequence of events explain how something works Task 1 Your performance in Task 1 will be assessed on the criteria below: Task Achievement......

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A Book for Ielts

... Preface This is a self-study publication with two audio-cassettes for students preparing for the Academic Module of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), which is administered by The British Council, the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES) and by IELTS Australia. The book covers the four modules of the IELTS exam: listening, reading, writing and speaking. Special features of the book are: the reading exercises, the detailed Keys for these exercises, the wide range of exercises to help you prepare for Writing Task 1, and the detailed Key for the Reading Tests. The publication may also be used as a course book, or as a supplement to a course book. So that you may repeat the exercises in this book, we would advise you to avoid marking the text. This new edition incorporates the changes to the speaking module introduced in July 2001. Sam McCarter, Julie Easton and Judith Ash 2003 Contents Page Preface iii Acknowledgements iv Listening Module 1 Introduction 2 Listening Test 1 3 Listening Test 2 9 Listening Test 3 15 Listening Test 4 20 Reading Exercises 25 Introduction 26 1. How to read, or how to read efficiently? 28 2. Learning to read organisation 29 3. More about reading organisation 30 4. A summary of functions 31 5. Recognising paragraph types 32 6. Simultaneous functions 34 7. Reading control 35 8. Spot......

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Ielts Speaking

...Generally asked Speaking Topics for IELTS 1. What is the meaning of your given name? 2. Does your name affect your personality? 3. Tell me something about your hometown. 4. What are the differences in accent between your hometown and (test city)? 5. What is the character of the people like in your hometown? 6. What is people's favourite food in the region where you live? 7. Are there any traditional festivals in your region? 8. Tell me something about a local Festival. 9. How have weddings changed in recent years? 10. Describe a traditional wedding ceremony. 11. How do (Nationals) usually celebrate birthdays? 12. Are there any traditions concerning the birth of a baby? 13. How do you like (test city)? Compare it to your hometown. 14. What place do you like best in (city)? 15. What places in (your city/test city) should a foreigner visit? 16. What places would you recommend a visitor to go to in your region/hometown? 17. If you had the choice, where would you choose to live in (your country)? 18. Which parts of (your country) would you recommend a foreigner to visit? 19. Tell me something about your family. 20. Which is the worst place you've been to in (your country)? 21. Who takes the greatest responsibility for bringing up your child in your family? 22. Which is the best place you've been to in (your country)? 23. Who does most of the household chores in your family? 24. Are the traditional sexual roles within the family......

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...IELTS WRITING 1: A recent report revealed that there is a growing number of people choose to make a baby later in their livelihood, which contribute to a negative impact on society at large. Furthermore, such situation may weaken a sense of household. Therefore, finding out the causes are of great significance. There are a series of factors applying for this circumstance. The primary one to blame naturally goes to the economic concern. To be specific, nowadays, as our material life make a great forward, not surprisingly, what citizens spend on their children is becoming increasingly expensive, such as skyrocket housing price, high-priced educational cost, or surging goods and services in markets. Thus, the majority of people choose not to have children prematurely and even have children. Consequently, owing to steep costs, not only will adults put less value on raising children, but also the conception of family, like responsibility, unity may vanish step by step. As much as what has been mentioned above, another factor we should not fail to notice is the government policy. A case in point is a common phenomenon in wealthy nations and regions, government and authority provides financial aid to the elderly and retiree, as a result, these people do not rely on their children to support them in old age. Similarly, in china, it is omnipresent that the late child-birth are encouraged, thus, some spouses intend not to sacrifice their own lifestyles to the time and expenditure......

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...can be equally rewarding to try a variety of professions; starting out on a completely new career path can be a reinvigorating experience. Secondly, some people see their jobs as simply a means of earning money, and they are happy if their salary is high enough to allow them to enjoy life outside work. Finally, job satisfaction is often the result of working conditions, rather than the career itself. For example, a positive working atmosphere, enthusiastic colleagues, and an inspirational boss can make working life much more satisfying, regardless of the profession. In conclusion, it can certainly be satisfying to pursue a particular career for the whole of one’s life, but this is by no means the only route to fulfilment. (310 words) ...

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Suggerisci una correzione per l'articolo | Age of Empires: Definitive Edition (RUS|ENG) [RePack] от R.G. Механики Подробнее... Залито: 02-05-2018 15:17 (5007 просмотров) Age of Empires: Definitive Edition (RUS|ENG) [RePack] от R.G. Механики Стратегии   Игра-стратегия с богатой 20-летней историей, возвращается в Windows 10 в новом, завершенном виде. Age of Empires: Definitive Edition — это официально выпущенная игра в современном оформлении, с новыми визуальными элементами и множеством новых функций. ... Раздают: 0 Качают: 0 Размер: 6.61GB | Yo Tonya BluRay MicroHD