Identifying the Real Problem

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My recurring problem has got to be financial income. I have never been good at handling my bills and savings properly one minute I have extra cash the next minute its gone, spent on some great night out with my fiancé or blown on musical equipment.
This problem has impacted my life in a severe manner, I can’t go on vacations, get myself out of emergency situations, or upgrade my life due to unsaved money. I have always treated this problem like it wasn’t a problem and that I will recover my losses next week, next paycheck I’ll get myself out of this mess I’d always say. By not seeing that it is a problem it has really caused more of a problem than the problem itself. All I need to do is save money from my check each week and not spend it and yet as I know this to be true I still cannot bring myself to behave the way I should when it comes to saving money. Though I have had some great times dropping my hard earned cash on an all night long party downtown in our fun filled city. I know in my gut that it’s the regular adult that is prepared for emergencies or spontaneous vacations. I have always been a smart person which is why I don’t understand why I can’t tackle this one issue in my life. If could get a handle on my immature capabilities to spend my money on debaucherous nights and learn to save my money I know deep down in my heart I would be a happier person. If only not for me but for my family that comes after me. I want to be able to give something to my unborn children one day and I know that if I can’t learn to save some of my money then I will never have anything to offer them as a financial backbone and keep them from ever having to sweat and deal with callous hands as I have had to do. In conclusion, I have a hard time saving my hard earned money and I would love to learn how to do this a great deal. I know that it…...

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