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Nutshell: This essay is about are the organazations that they need help. What would I do if someone gave me a million dollars? As much as I’d be tempted to spend it on my own needs and wants, I would be willing to give it to other places such as the World Health Organization, the Voice of the Martyrs, and St. Jude’s Children’s Research Center, to the places that really need the support.

Thesis: As much as I’d be tempted to spend it on my own needs and wants, I would be willing to give it to other places such as the World Health Organization, the Voice of the Martyrs, and St. Jude’s Children’s Research Center, to the places that really need the support. Intro paragraph: What would I do if someone gave me a million dollars? As much as I’d be tempted to spend it on my own needs and wants, I would be willing to give it to other places such as the World Health Organization, the Voice of the Martyrs, and St. Jude’s Children’s Research Center, to the places that really need the support. 1. Let me start out with the World Health Organization. A. I would give who $400,000 for the purpose of helping South Africans. B. Keep mosquito nets from entering houses. 2. I would give $350,000 to Voice of the Martyrs, a Christian, international organization helping Christians who are/have been persecuted for their involvement in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. A. Ask them to use the half to China and the other half to North Korea. B. Provide homes for homeless. C. Bibles to people who need it. D. Clothing, footwear, and food to people who in need. 3. Finally, I would give the remaining $250,000 to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. A. preventing and curing many catastrophic diseases through treatment and research. B. my donation to help cover the costs of medicine. Closing paragraph: In conclusion, a million dollars is a…...

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...Choosing your transportation destiny (http://asuubertaxizip.weebly.com/) In this article, ‘Choosing your transportation destiny’, I will critique the part on ‘defining the audience’. Whenever you are designing a website whose aim is to get more customers for a specific product or service, you need to have a target audience. Each and every product always has a target audience which can be defined in terms of age, physical location or even beliefs. A website must be designed to target that particular group which you intend to sell to. In our website they have clearly identified the target audience. The target audience is the first-year, on-campus, ASU student. I think that this was a good target for the services being offered. As describe in the website, the student also spends an average of 6.5 hours out running errands and this therefore this makes the student a perfect target for Uber taxi services which the website is promoting. I think that the part was well written, the author took time to research on the target audience and he supports his arguments with facts. The findings which the writer has given are accurate. From the presentation of arguments, the writer has a clear understanding of the target audience. In a contrary opinion I think that it was wrong to make assumptions. The writer states that, “We've also assumed that the average round trip is 8 miles since we don't imagine the average first year student going outside of a five mile radius of campus......

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