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Running head: Japanese businessmen avoiding eye-contact during a meeting

Japanese businessmen avoiding eye-contact during a meeting

I would like to discuss the differences of Japanese Business men and their customs, but in particular their need to avoid eye contact. I will talk about my views and the views of others, surrounding this custom and why it is done or upheld. I will also discuss what is the driving force behind this custom.

Japanese businessmen avoiding eye-contact during a meeting

I have been working in the business community for over 20 years in a sales capacity. What I have found is that, you have to be extremely aware of the many cultures you have to deal with. For instance you have to know that many people from India are vegan, or that people in Hawaii are less formal than people in New York, so don’t show up in a suit. Or New York you better be dressed to the T, Tie and suit is not optional. One custom that I find hard to understand is Japanese businessmen avoiding eye-contact during a meeting.

Japanese Business customs vs. American acceptance
I have been working in the business community for over 20 years in a sales capacity. What I have found is that, you have to be extremely aware of the many cultures you have to deal with. For instance you have to know that many people from India are vegan, or that people in Hawaii are less formal than people in New York, so don’t show up in a suit. Or New York you better be dressed to the T, Tie and suit is not optional. One custom that I find hard to understand is Japanese businessmen avoiding eye-contact during a meeting.

To me it seems on the outside looking in that many Japanese Customs are a waste of time and resources. For instance In meetings I have held with Japanese Buisnessmen they travel in very large groups to the meetings and can be very time consuming for me. I have…...

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