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How to Protect Kids from Online Predators

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How to Protect Kids from Online Predators
Child Sexual Exploitation occurs in any group of people whether it’s economic, religious, social or ethnic groups. The internet is the main source of communication in today’s society, so you need to make sure you have taken the appropriate steps to protect your children. There are three major steps that you should take to protect your children against online predators.
The first thing to do is make sure your computer or laptop is in the main part of your house. Do not allow teenagers or children to have access to computers in their bedrooms. Also, make sure they do not have access to a webcam on the computer. A webcam now comes installed on most laptops and computers. It is a camera that is used to take pictures or videos of yourself while you sit in front of the computer. Today’s teenagers take a lot of pictures, and you do not want them to be on the internet. Make sure you have your children’s passwords for the social network sites such as and This way you can monitor who they are talking to. Tell your children to never reveal personal information such as home address or phone number. Check the information that your child has written about themselves on their biographies on their social sites to make sure it is true and will not exploit them and draw predators towards them. Make sure their accounts are set to private. Do this by going to the settings section, and change it to only allow people they approve to view their information and to see their pictures. Make sure you approve who sees their information. Discuss with your children what chat rooms are, and tell them they are not allowed to use chat rooms. Chat rooms are a group of people that get together and talk about inappropriate things. This is where most sexual predators make contact with children. They set up profiles pretending to be teenagers or friends with your children in order to get their attention. Never allow children to use chat rooms.
The next step would be to set up your own account so you can monitor it from someone else’s point of view, and make sure you are “friends” with your children. Monitor who writes to them and what is said, and monitor what they write. Never allow them to be friends with adults or kids that you do not know. Go through their “friends” lists and make sure they are legitimately who they say they are. If you see something that doesn’t look right to you or doesn’t sound right to you, investigate it and if need be, report it to the appropriate authorities.
Finally, make sure you put Parental restrictions on the computers, phones, IPods and IPads. Go to the settings area and change the restrictions to their age group. Make sure you filter sexually explicit information so that your children do not see it and are unable to download any of that. Also, go through your teenager’s phones to make sure their text messages are appropriate and that they are not talking to adults. Go through the phone logs to look up any phone number you are unfamiliar with.
Communication is the most important step in protecting your children from online predators. Make sure you have taken the appropriate steps by limiting their access to technology, monitoring who they talk to online and restricting their access to inappropriate websites.…...

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