How to Maximize the Effectiveness of Teamwork

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Organizing is one of four core functions of management; the most important skill of organizing is delegating work. This case study describes a basic, typical situation that might happen in managing process: “How to deal with heavy workload in case of workforce scarcity” (“How to maximize the effectiveness of teamwork”)

The main character of this case is Faisal Sham; he is the supervisor of a seven project engineer group. Since the demand for different versions of his firm’s computer component is rising, the workload has increase dramatically and Faisal still in charge of everything; things might go out of control anytime. On the other hand, two members of his team have shown their interest in helping Faisal with his work on various designs.

The solution for this case requires Task delegation process and Team structure. Assuming that the two enthusiastic members are Michael and Ben and they are qualified with the Faisal’s standard, there are two important positions for them: Product main designer and Head of R&D group.
The first step of Delegation is Assign responsibility. Since Ben has better has experience in conducting customer research, he should be assigned for Head of R&D. There will be one co-worker in this group to support Ben in making survey and sum-up the result, which is expected to show customer’s taste for computer component. Michael will in charge of Main designer due to his professional skill. Two chosen engineers will assist him in order to build up the most possible designs with the lowest cost. Three designers (including Michael) will work co-op on pointing out the key feature of products, calculate the possibility of their work, estimate material cost and giving out the final designs. The two last members of the group will test the sample products to check for errors and report back to the designers; this will guarantee the perfection of…...

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